Comfortable two-person motorhome

VARIO Star 800 on MB Atego 823
Interior bentART Design | Knotty oak | White satin fronts




The CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF is the world's largest caravanning trade fair for motorhome owners and the event of the year. As a luxury manufacturer, VARIOmobil will also be presenting the new two-person luxury vehicle VARIO Star 800 - manufactured in a unique manufacturing method - in an exclusive design. Welcome from 28.8.-6.9.2020 in Hall 5 Stand D 05.
The agile and only 8 m short 7.5 t motorhome is based on the powerful Mercedes-Benz Atego 823 BL, dynamic 231 hp drive it and up to 7.49 t can be moved on this chassis. Extremly manoeuvrable 2.36 m outside width ensure great driving pleasure.
The GfK body of the agile integrated is classically designed in elegant lines. A two-stage turbo, air suspension on the rear axle, optimal traction, serial driver assistance and safety technology ensure agility and driving comfort.


The interior in "bentART" design, knotty 'oak nature' real wood veneer in combination with satin-white furniture fronts sets particularly exclusive visual accents. Flowing living areas between the lounge and kitchen ensure short distances and a cozy feeling of being at home.
The leather upholstery, underfloor heating and kitchen technology at its finest provide further comfort. Single beds and the full roof height in the rear ensure plenty of headroom in the sleeping area, which motorhome owners appreciate especially in summer. The very large rear storage compartment, which is optionally accessible from both sides from the inside and outside, is also conveniently accessible, which can accommodate two scooters or e-bikes and can be equipped with a powerful charging station.


In a nutshell



Length / width / height 8.250 mm / 2.360 mm / 3.450 mm
Chassis  Mercedes-Benz Atego 823 BL
Horse power 170 kW / 231 PS
GVWR 7.490 (8.600) kg
Tank capacities 180 l Diesel / 25 l AdBlue
  200 l fresh water / 150 l grey water / 120 l black water
Manufactory construction individual floorplans, 2-4 beds
Character    two-person mobile, exclusive equipment,
innovative technology, large storage compartment


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The fourth generation - 30 years motorhome VARIO Perfect

VARIO PERFECT IN 4th GENERATION - the new front follows the performance.

Motorhome premiere
VARIO Perfect Model 2020

The fourth generation | VARIO Perfect IV

Curtain on! After 30 years, the fourth generation of the VARIO Perfect is launched.

The fourth Perfect Generation is presented as a VARIO Perfect 1000 on a Mercedes Actros. Equipped with Slide Out and a Smart Garage with car platform.

The new CAD supported bodywork has been perfected rootedly. This self-supporting sandwich body in fiberglass construction now has straight exterior walls and a new panoramic windshield, which was first glued into the body to increase the rigidity of the body again. In addition, the new panoramic windshield is manufactured in a special solar protection design and can reduce up to 56% of UV radiation.

In addition to the optional impressive genuine glass window design elements 'higLINE' with insulated tempered glass opening windows, the front panel immediately captures the proven style elements of the predecessor Perfects.

VARIOmobil is unique and combines classic design elements with innovative technology. The result is high-tech in German engineering perfection - high-quality driver assistance systems included. Only the best for maximum feel-good atmosphere, safety and driving pleasure at the same time.

Since 1981, VARIOmobil has been a manufacturer of unique high-end motorhomes and high-tech business vehicles. Deeply rooted in the tradition of best craftsmanship, individual 'dream cars' are created in top quality. VARIOmobil is 100% custom-made, 100% handmade.
German engineering 100% made in Germany.

VARIOmobil. A class of its own. Also in the area of quality.



Since 2002: The third generation | VARIO Perfect III (2002-2019)

Breathtaking the VARIO "Perfect III"
Round headlights. Gold leaf design. Living Room Slide Out. Car garage for SMART Crossblade.

With the model year 2002, a new body with trend-setting design, new headlamp technology, new bus outside mirros and thus an impressive look was presented.

Because of the raised floor of this model, it is possible to have comfortable access to the driver and front passenger seats by integrating the engine cover into the floor level.

For the first time a slide out was presented to the public.
The entire living space including the kitchen area could now be extended 500 mm by hydraulics. A special compressed air system ensured a dust and water-tight seal in the usual high VARIO quality. Due to the possibility to heat temporarily the outer surfaces of the Slide Out, it was kept free of ice and snow. Thus, neither cold, high winds or rain affect the living comfort. Beginning with the Perfect 950 up to the 1200 modes, the Slide Out living space was available on chassis from 12-25 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

2008 World premiere of the VARIO Perfect 1200 PLATINUM at the Millionaire Fair Munich
New! Three extendable Slide Out AND a car garage for maximum space and high level mobility.

It was built on a VOLVO 3-axle chassis with positively driven trailing axle. The desire for multiple slide out systems in just one vehicle initiated in 2008 the presentation of the VARIO Perfect 1200 with three Slide Out systems and a car garage for a BMW Mini Cooper. The base of the motorhome increased to impressive 33 square meters.

The facelift of the VARIO Perfect III in 2012 was optically treated very warily. The increasingly powerful engines and the legally required adaptations to pollutant emissions required larger cooling surfaces.

The heating of the VARIO Perfect was expanded from 2016 by a diesel variant with an output of up to 17 kW. A three-room temperature control and a boiler-free hot water treatment as well as separately controllable underfloor air conditioners increased the already exemplary living comfort. Since then, the Perfect 1200 has been offered without LPG gas technology. Induction cooker and fridge are now electrically operated.

To ensure problem-free heating even in extreme minus temperatures, the diesel heater is supplied via an insulated and heated tank.

Comprehensive driving safety systems such as Lane Guard Assist and Emergency Brake Assist as well as the multifunction steering wheel were included in the standard equipment of the entire Perfect series from 2017 onwards.

2018. The VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum with new ceiling panel: two parts, fully air-conditioned, adjustable lighting scenes.


Since 1997: The second generation | VARIO Perfect II (1997-2002)

VARIO Perfect 1200 on VOLVO B10 M

VARIOmobil presents at the CARAVAN SALON 1997 the second generation of the VARIO Perfect with a Ferrari F 360 in the rear garage. Alternatively, a Porsche or an MB Roadster - even old-timer of the oldest years / e.g. the MB 300 SL shown here - parking in the car garage.

The best thing from the beginning: the vehicle has a panel ceiling with integrated air conditioning, an XXL bathroom and floor-to-ceiling real glass windows in the sleeping area.

With the introduction of the "Perfect II" in 1997, VARIOmobil introduced the first self-supporting car platform into the German motorhome history. Till today, the motorhome manufactury from Bohmte is the only supplier of an automatic car pull in system with separatly alongside arranged 'bikeSLIDE' including integrated charging station.

Multifunctional. No relocation. No either or. Easy to drive.

The VARIO Perfect II was first set up on a VOLVO B10M.
This fully air suspended bus chassis had a 360-hp center engine with automatic transmission and integrated retarder. The mid-engine design made it possible to place a very large car garage in the rear under the bedroom of the Perfect. For the first time, exclusive sports cars such as a Ferrari 355 or Porsche 911 could be carried along.

In order to make the loading of the passenger cars as comfortable as possible, VARIO mobil developed a hydraulically operated car platform on which the sports car was parked and then pulled in hydraulically in the rear garage at the press of a button. To facilitate access to the car garage, the Perfect 1200 had a hydraulically operated tailgate that could be closed or opened by remote control.

Despite the large rear car garage, the customer was happy about a headroom of 1,9 m in the bedroom. An open bathroom with granite floor and real glass quarter circle shower continued to set standards.

The body of the Perfect II received a redesigned front with enlarged panoramic windshield and new outside omnibus mirrors. The flaps of the outer storage compartments were closed from year 97 in omnibus construction with rubber seal hinge strip and central locking.

As additional chassis were offered the MAN rear engine 12.220 HOCL with torque converter automatic transmission and the Mercedes Benz 817 L as a front engine chassis.

Since 1999, MAN type 10.220 FOCL front-engine bus chassis with automatic torque converter and integrated retarder have been used.

At the CARAVAN SALON 1999 VARIOmobil presented a 9 m short VARIO Perfect 900 with integrated SMART garage.


Since 1989: the first generation | VARIO Perfect I (1989-1997)

VARIO Perfect 900 - MAN 10.180 HOCL (fully air-suspended omnibus chassis with rear engine).
Built on a MAN rear engine bus chassis with full air suspension and 180 hp 6 cylinder turbo diesel.

The customer could choose between a converter automatic transmission with integrated retarder and a manual transmission. Special emphasis was placed on the specific constructed and manufactured lattice subframe, which gave the MAN rear engine chassis the necessary torsional resistance. A generous storage compartment for bicycles or scooters could be placed next to the engine located in the rear.

The fully integrated body contruction was manufactured in GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) sandwich construction with a large panorama omnibus windshield. Both the sandwich walls and all GRP molded parts were themselves developed and manufactured. The GRP front-end mask was flush-Lmounted with the side walls. In the in-house paint shop, the body was painted with car finish in the customer's favorite colors.

Characteristic feature was the side wall bend that rejuvenated the body.
The standard equipment included double-glazed tempered glass sliding windows, an electric roller blind in front of the windshield, ceramic water toilet with XXL waste water tank and real wood interior.

Even then, the customer was able to choose the layout, the design and furnishings.
As early as 1989, the Perfect had hot water underfloor heating, heated tanks and heated storage compartments.

The largest vehicle of the series, a Perfect 1200, on a MAN 16.290 rear-engined bus chassis was already delivered in late 1989. This was followed by further VARIO Perfect 750 to 900 on Mercedes 817 L (LN2) front engine chassis with 170 hp 6 cylinder turbo diesel. The advantage lay in the large rear garage, in which the motorhome could accommodate a scooter in addition to the bicycles.

All Perfect models could be ordered with an hitch up to 3.500 kg trailer load and were thus suitable for the transport of motor boat or passenger car.

Up to 28 tonnes of high-tech chassis from MAN and MB continue to form the high-traction foundation of the VARIO travel properties.

VARIO Alkoven 900 on MB Atego 1230 LL

The sporty family class

VARIO Alkoven 900 on MB Atego1230 LL

Agile alcove mobile. Round lounge in the rear and XXXXL rear storage compartment.
Always individually built. Unlimited personally.

"We build 100 % quality in an exclusive manufacturing style, which is unparalleled," says project manager Frank Mix about this extraordinary alcove camper. Unique in the history of the VARIO alcove. This sporty and only 9 m short VARIO Alkoven 900 recreation vehicle is in many ways a class of its own and celebrates its world premiere with XXL rounded lounge in a spacious motorhome salon and a bathroom under a lenghtwise sleeper alcove with enormous headroom / alcove height.

This high-quality equipped alcove motorhome has next to the XXL rounded lounge with three-sided windows a huge gourmet kitchen in the spacious salon.
Instead of the bedroom in the rear, the XXL longitudinal arranged beds were completely laid in the extra-high alcove, and combined with an exclusive bathroom over the entire vehicle width.

The essentials in brief:

  • Alcove with XXL longitudinal sleeper beds and enormous headroom.
  • Exclusive Features
  • Interior "benART" design varnish white, modern combined with fine oak limewood
  • Leather Lounge + Lifestyle sound system with subwoofer
  • LTE router with roof antenna for GfK roof
  • XXL tank sizes for maximum self-sufficiency
  • Full washer dryer in the rear garage
  • 'veloSLIDE' for 2 bicycles mounted in the rear of the XXXXL garage
  • 6 m electric awning with wind sensor
  • 2 x 160 W solar modules
  • Painting brilliant silver metallic.

Lifestyle. The living environment in the VARIO alcove conveys an impressive sense of space, reminiscent of a luxury apartment. An intelligent lighting control sets the mobile in scene.

VARIOmobil. A class of its own, especially in the area of ​​quality.


Welcome! VARIO Alcove 900
Fair hall 5 stand D 05, CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF

L / B / H 9.000 mm / 2.550 mm / 3.900 mm
Chassis   Mercedes-Benz Atego 1230 LL
Power 220 kW / 299 PS
ZGG 11.900 kg
Tank capacity  300 l Diesel / 25 l Ad Blue
  500 l fresh water / 400 l grey water / 300 l black water
Custom made individual floorplans, 2-6 beds
Charakter   Exclusive and comfortable alcove camper, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technology,
interior bentART, safety assistance systems as standard

Link :: press-photo front + co-drivers side

Model year 2019

High End motorhomes 8-12 m

CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF, 30.8.-8.9.2019, Hall 5, Stand 5 D05       

VARIOmobil launches the model year 2019 with value-stable manufactory construction,

High end technology and powerful chassis. At the new location in Hall 5, Stand D 05, VARIOmobil is showing exclusive RVs on the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf, which give shape to travel. Special wishes and purpose-built items are usual for the vehicle builders from Bohmte,  motorhomes are exclusively built to 100% on customer request. An XXL car garage, for example, above which also vehicle owners with 1.90 m size full standing height is guaranteed.

In the model year 2019, VARIOmobil focuses on the fully integrated motorhome

VARIO Perfect. The flagship of VARIOmobil is 8-12 m long, 7.5-26 t. Powerful chassis from Mercedes-Benz, MAN and VOLVO, individual floor plans with up to three residential units, individual car garages and exceptional luxury are typical.

From a vehicle length of 8 m, a 7.5-tonne exclusive motorhome with full comfort, interior in real wood interior or ceramic floors starts. From 9 m vehicle length is a car garage on board. In the VARIO Perfect 1000 and larger, a slide out is additionally available and increases the living space by 50-80 cm depth for an extraordinary sense of space. An XL vehicle can be taken aboard from 10.5 m vehicle length. The VARIO Perfect 1200 packs high-tech comfortably in PLATINUM design and united in the motorhome 3 slide outs and the greatest feel-good ambience. Real craftsmanship reveals itself here in every detail.
Naturally, VARIOmobil also offers mobile residential real estates with original cabs from the chassis suppliers in the luxury classes VARIO Alkoven and VARIO Signature as semi-integrated.

The VARIO Alkoven presents itself as a space wonder with all the comforts. The family alcove  car is built in 7.5-12 m vehicle length on chassis of 7.5 - 26 tons, between 2.53 and 2.55 m wide. The VARIO Alkoven is a family-friendly space wonder and accommodate 2 separate sleeping areas with at least four fixed beds.

As unique as a handwriting is the prominent VARIO Signature. The characterful exclusive recreation vehicle will be built in lengths of 10.5 and 12 m on MB Actros chassis from 18 to 26 t in a vehicle width of 2.55 m. As a semi-integrated vehicle, it still has all the advantages of an integrated interior. The characteristic front / cabin of the XXL driver's cab with transversely movable second row of seats for a quadruple pilot's feeling merge into an optical unit. On top: the pneumatically sealed living area slide out, the aerodynamic roof spoiler, sporty stainless steel tailpipes, extensive driver assistance systems and the large car garage for a convertible and e-bikes.

VARIO Perfect 850

Like everything new that fascinates, charmss, inspires ...
The new VARIO Perfect starts with the claim to bring high tech and high end to life with proven comfort.
In manufactory quality. As a classic that unites individuality, design and high quality inextricably: simply VARIO Perfect.

Motorhome VARIO Perfect 850 on MB Atego 923 L - Comfortable vehicle with only 8.6 m of vehicle length

The classic from the compact VARIO Perfect family on Mercedes-Benz Atego 923 L convinces with only 8.6 m vehicle length, 231 hp, timelessly elegant GfK body and modern VISION design metallic paint. The luxury mobile offers despite agile outside dimensions maximum comfort in the interior. American walnut wood in "bentART" design and a comfortable lounge in sturdy thick leather in off white provide a classic ambience. On board the two-sided easy entry bed, an exclusive bathroom, kitchen technology and multimedia at its best. A registration as a 7.5 t motorhome is possible, as well as with payload friendly 9,500 kg gross vehicle weight.

Briefly noted
VARIO Perfect 850



3.620 mm
Chassis  MAN TGL 8.220 BL
Horse Power 162 kW / 220 PS
GVWR (9.500) 7.490 kg
Tank capacities    180 l Diesel 25 l Ad Blue
  350 l fresh water / 250 l grey water / 200 l black water
Manufactory construction    
100 % Custom made, 2-4 beds, individual PLANNING FREEDOM with floor plan, equipment, design, painting and all other exclusive details


Exclusive comfort mobile, luxury equipment, innovative technology, 7.5 t, automatic, large storage capacity. VARIO safety package as standard with High Performance Engine Brake, stability control assistant, lane departure warning system, EPB, ABS and ASR, cruise control, differential lock and multifunction steering wheel.
Basic price EUR 417.290,- including driver assistance and security systems


Link :: Live Video VARIO Perfect 850

VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum

Dawn of a new motorhome dimension  ::  CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf 

VARIO Perfect 1200 SH on MB Actros 2546 LLL
3 axles, 3 slide outs, 12 m, 12 wheels, 26 t, 455 hp. Mercedes SL cabriolet aboard.

Motorhome precision and innovation come together in VARIO Perfect 1200 PLATINUM.

The new dimension of driving dynamics shows itself handy, agile and yet superlative on the full air suspension three-axle Mercedes-Benz Actros 2546 LLL with 12 m body length and perfectly matched trailing axle. Three pneumatically sealing slide outs are also on board as the XXL-car garage for a Mercedes-Benz SL cabriolet loading on cantilevered car platform.

High-tech comfortably packed in PLATINUM Design
The interior in "bentART" design was contrasting manufactured in combination satin white with American walnut wood veneer by hand. This equipment line offers gently rounded shapes and bring the bright leather living area with comfortable, electrically adjustable Captain's Chairs to their best advantage. The ambiance of spacious motorhome salon is complemented by interesting relief structure furniture walls and stylish illumination indirectly.

A microprocessor controlled PLATINUM light system, makes memory lighting scenes and dimming functions for diverse atmospheric ambience. Also in the handle recesses of the doors and drawers LED spotlights shine for soft light. Noble and thoughtful presents itself the "cubeART" kitchen block with side panels and worktop designed as a circumferential frame, indirectly illuminated handle recesses, drawer system "Push to open" with automatic locking while driving, dishwasher and an exclusive designer single hand water-tap. Even the spacious bathroom is brilliant with the exclusive "rustART" panel with design three hole wash basin mixer, indirect lighting and STARON® top washbasin.

Many more technical highlights convince. Whether Bose Lifestyle Multimedia Entertainment, or the self-locking e-glide sliding system in the luxurious bedroom.


In short
PREMIERE VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum


12.000 mm
  2.550 mm
  3.950 mm

Chassis     Mercedes-Benz Actros 2546 LL
Power   335 kW / 455 PS
GVWR 26.000 kg
390 l Diesel, 60 l Ad Blue
500 l fresh water / 400 l grey water / 300 l black water
100 % Custom made
2-4 sleeps, custom PLANNING FREEDOM at floor plan, equipment, paint and all other exclusive details

Exclusive comfort module, advanced PLATINUM full equipment, innovative technology, interior bentART, cube ART, rustART design, 3x extendable oriels / Slide Out technology, XXL-car garage
Basic price EUR 839.410,- incl. driver assistance & safety systems, slide out, rear garage. 100% custom made.


Link 1 :: Excellent motorhome documentation and photos

Link 2 :: Live-Video VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum

Link 3 :: 3 D Motorhome intrior bentART

VARIO Signature 1200 on MB Actros 2553 LLL

Prominent character, straight line, exclusive design, separate XXL sleeping places
Premiere of the new motor home dimension

VARIO Signature 1200 on MB Actros 2553 LLL
100% VARIOmobil. Unique as handwriting.

530 hp, 26 tons, 12 m, 3 axles, Slide Out, car garage for MB SL or Mini Cooper convertible.
Driver assistance and safety systems as standard on board.

With care and precision, VARIOmobil implements customer wishes. The value added?
An exquisite motorhome built in exquisite craftsmanship with highest quality materials.
The sum? Mobile architecture! The definition: design, comfort, sportiness and personal taste.

Quality, innovation and 100% personalization VARIOmobil has been offering for more than 30 years. The goal? Even more RV character to work out. In vehicle manufacturing, the tradition of craftsmanship and modernity have been meticulously completed and the perfect and alcove model range is added by another segment. Welcome to the new dimension of the partly integrated royal class: VARIO Signature, as unique as a signature.

AN EXCLUSIVE CONNECTION: The partially-integrated integrated one

The distinctive front and cab of the XXL driver's cabin with a transversely adjustable second row of seats for four-times pilot and co-pilot feeling are integrated.
The exquisite straightness of the design and the maximum of comfort for living and driving are also exciting. At the start: excellent driving dynamics as well as standard safety technology on the basis of the full-air suspension three-axle Mercedes-Benz Actros 2553 LLL with 12 m superstructure and perfectly matched after-axle. On top: the pneumatically-sealing Slide Out for more living space, a softly floating pull-down bed above the driver's cabin at full height, as well as an intelligent 360 ° all-round vision system. Equipped as a matter of course on board: the aerodynamic roof spoiler, sporty stainless steel tailpipes, extensive driving assistance systems (tracking assistant, attention assistant, distance control and etc.) as well as the large car garage for a cabriolet and e-bikes.

High-tech comfortably packed in exquisite PLATINUM craftsmanship

VARIOmobil stands for individuality, classic forms and timeless elegance. The interior in "bentART" design is contrast-rich in the combination satin-white with American walnut precious wood veneer made by hand. This breathtaking equipment line is characterized by its gentle rounded shape and the modern straight-forward design style. It skilfully stages the bright cubic leather lounge as a residential landscape.
The ambiance of the spacious mobile home with XXL-Silde Out extends the BOSE® home entertainment system with an incomparable top-notch for your entertainment. Microprocessor-controlled PLATINUM lighting modules provide amusing ambient lighting with memory light scenes and various dimming functions. LED spots also gently emit light in the handles of the doors and extensions.

The multi-function kitchen block "cubeART " with side panels and worktop as a surrounding portal frame is more than a high-tech cooking module with a push-to-open system and automatic locking during travel. In addition to flush integrated induction touch cookers and an exclusive design kitchen fitting, it also offers indirect lighting and allows space, design and function to blend together.
Also in the spacious bathroom with exclusive mineral stone washbasin, design armature, ambient lighting and STARON® washbasins, unique room concepts make things of everyday life easier and more beautiful.

This individually refined VARIO signature 1200 convinces with many technical highlights: 25 m LED exterior lighting all around, impressive genuine glass window design elements, TV-lift, MIELE full-washing-dryer, large wardrobe system in the luxurious bedroom, leather-covered doors.

First Fotos of the VARIO Signature :: please click into the photo

Link 1 :: The most important in brief

Newsroom :: PR + photos high resolution

VARIO Perfect 1100 Slide Out


Uncompromising comfort, structural design walls, "cubeART", "rustART" and "bentART" design

Recreation vehicle VARIO Perfect 1100 SH on MB Actros 1843 LL
Slide Out, passenger-car garage for mini cabriolet


Precision and innovation combine in the VARIO Perfect 1100. The fully air-suspended Mercedes-Benz Actros 1843 LL with 11 m over all length moves through the motorhome scenery in a handy, manoeuvrable yet superlative vehicle way. A pneumatically-sealing residential Slide Out is also on board as a car garage for a BMW mini convertible with automatic intake on a self-supporting car platform. In addition, two e-bikes can be taken in the car garage.

The interior in "bentART" design has been hand-crafted in the satin-white combination with American walnut precious wood veneer. This equipment line features a gently rounded shape and brings out the bright leather housing landscape with comfortable, electrically adjustable Captain's Chairs. The ambiance of the spacious motorhome-salon is enriched by relief-textured furniture walls and illuminated in a stylish way indirectly. A microprocessor-controlled PLATINUM lighting system provides memory-lighting scenes and various dimming functions for a convincing ambience. LED spots also gently emit light in the handles of doors and extensions. The "cubeART" kitchen block with side walls and worktop as a surrounding frame, indirectly illuminated handles, push-to-open drawers with automatic locking during the journey, a dishwasher and an exclusive design kitchen fitting are also exquisite and elaborate. The spacious bathroom also features an exclusive "rustART" panel, a three-hole washbasin mixer, indirect lighting and a STARON® washbasin.

Many other technical highlights are convincing. BOSE® Lifestyle Home Entertainment, multimedia or kitchen technology at its finest.


Quick look
VARIO Perfect 1100 


11.000 mm
  2.550 mm
  3.900 mm

Chassis Mercedes-Benz Actros 1843 LL
Power   315 kW / 428 PS
GVWR 18.000 kg
Tank capacities

390 l Diesel, 60 l Ad Blue
500 l of fresh water / 350 l of grey water / 300 l of black water


100% custom made, 2-4 sleeping places, individual PLANNING FREEDOM with floor plan, equipment, paint and all other exclusive details

Exclusive comfort mobile, modern equipment, innovative technology,
Interior "bentART" design, extendable Slide Out technology, car garage

Basic price

EUR 730.880, - incl. driver and safety assistance systems as well as extensive euipment details

VARIO Alkoven 1200

The sporty luxury class with car garage for Mercedes SLK or A-Class

VARIO Alkoven 1200 on MB Actros 2543 L
This exclusivity is difficult to put into words, but in numerary:
Twelve meters vehicle length, two bay windows, 428 hp, king size alcove bed 2x2 m.

As standard, each VARIOmobil (up to a total weight of 7,5 tons) is equipped with extensive driving assistance systems. On-board assistance is provided by the lane assist, emergency brake assist, distance control, cruise control and other comprehensive safety systems.

In the spacious car garage with an automatic car platform, a Mercedes SLK for free-wheel driving move-in in the summer, in winter reside there a Mercedes-Benz A-Class with all-wheel drive. Thus the motorhome driver have a full-fledged 4-passenger vehicle at any time at the disposal.

The interior of this fully-equipped luxury caravaning car in "bentART" design with a generous living and bedroom area with Slide Out technology for the most beautiful days of the year. An extra large alcove bed with 2 x 2 m king size sleeping place is comfortably arranged above the driver's cab.


In short
VARIO Alkoven 1200   

Length / width / height 12.000 / 2.550 / 3.950 mm
Chassis     Mercedes-Benz Actros 2543 L
Power 315 kW / 428 PS
Gross vehicle weight rating 26.000 kg
Tank capacities 390 l Diesel, 60 l Ad Blue
  500 l of fresh water / 400 l of waste water / 300 l of black water
Manufactory construction

100% custom made, 2-6 beds, individual PLANNING FREEDOM
Floor plan, equipment, painting and all other exclusive details


Exclusive alcove mobile, full equipment, innovative technology,
two living rooms, XXL car garage
Basic price EUR 782.600, - incl. driver and safety assistance systems, Slide Out, XXl alcove bed, rear end garage with rear flap as well as extensive equipment details



VARIO Alkoven 850 - MB Atego 923 BL

VARIO Alkoven 850 - MB Atego 923 BL

The sporty family class

VARIO Alkoven 850 on MB Atego 923 BL. 231 PS, 9,5 (7,5) t, 5-6 seats and beds.

Alcove mobile. Never off the rack. Always individually built and unlimited personal.

"We are building comfortable space wonders" says Frank Mix Managing Director and vehicle manufacturer with passion about this exceptionally short and manoeuvrable family motorhome.

The most important thing:

  • Bedroom with up to 4 single beds as a “children's room” or with a spacious double bed
  • Extra-large double bed 1.800 x 2.000 mm above the cabin
  • An extra high alcove, where you can sit up comfortably
  • Exclusive equipment in real wood contrasting with eggshell white finishing
  • Interior "vogueART" design white, natural oak wood
  • Lounge in durable microfiber padding
  • The individual family car starts from EUR 328,220 included Lane Guard and Emergency Brake Assist
  • Depending on the equipment, a 7.5 t approval is possible

Lifestyle. The living area in the VARIO alcove conveys an impressive feeling of space, which, even at a vehicle length of only 8.5 m, is reminiscent of a luxury apartment with up to six fixed sleeping places.

First-class workmanship and luxurious ambience is demonstrated by the handcrafted furniture in modern colours. Matt white contrasts with exquisite oak, "vogueART" design with straight furniture fronts. Selected materials such as the heated Projectline floor, the Corian® worktop, microfiber upholstery and large living area give the interior extraordinary elegance.

Starting at just 8 meters in length, individual alcove mobile homes are manufactured in Bohmte / VARIO vehicle manufactory, which offer entry into the premium class. At the top, there are no limits in the luxury segment. VARIOmobil builds motorhomes up to 12 m vehicle length with up to three bay windows and XXL car garage for e.g. Mercedes Benz SL. Whether small or large, VARIOmobil individualizes with years of experience and craftsmanship exclusive, comfortable and above all high quality vehicles with customer-specific detail solutions.

VARIO Alkoven 850 
adaptable family mobile with separate sleeping areas

Length/Width/Height 8.600 / 2.530 / 3.500 mm
Chassis     Mercedes-Benz Atego 923 BL
Power  170 kW / 231 PS
GVWR 9.500 (7.490) kg
Tank capacity  180 l Diesel, 25 l Ad Blue
  350 l fresh water / 200 l grey water / 200 l black water

High quality

100% custom made, 2 - 6 beds,
in floor plan, equipment, paint and all other equipment details

Exclusive comfort mobile, family friendly,
innovative technology,
interior bentART, cubeART

Basic price EUR 351.200,- included Lane Guard Assist, Emergency Brake Assistance, multifunction steering wheel and many other equipment details


VARIO Perfect 850

Elegant design and generous comfort

Motorhome VARIO Perfect 850 SH on MAN TGL 8.220 BL
The perfect comfort mobile with Queensbett on only 8,6 m vehicle length

The classic from the compact VARIO Perfect range on MAN TGL 8.220 BL convinces with only 8.6 m vehicle length, 220 hp, innovative lithium-ion battery technology, timelessly elegant GRP body and modern VISION design metallic paint. The luxury vehicle offers maximum comfort in the interior despite its agile exterior dimensions. American walnut precious wood in "bentART" design and a comfortable lounge in thick leather in off white ensure a classic ambience. On board the three-sided easy entry queens bed, an exclusive bathroom, kitchen technology and multimedia at its finest. It can be licensed as a 7,5 t RV, as well as with 8,800 kg permissible total weight.

In short
VARIO Perfect 850 

3.550 mm
Chassis  MAN TGL 8.220 BL
Power 162 kW / 220 PS
GVWR (8.800) 7.490 kg
Tank capacities  180 l Diesel 20 l Ad Blue
350 l of fresh water / 250 l of waste water / 200 l of black water
100% custom made, 2-4 sleeping places, individual PLANNING FREEDOM with floor plan, equipment, paint and all other exclusive details
Exclusive comfort mobile, luxury equipment, innovative technology,
Three-sided walk-in queen bed, large storage space capacities
Basic price  EUR 411.690,-


Link :: Live Video VARIO Perfect 850 SH auf MAN TGL 8.220 BL

VARIO Star 4x4

VARIO Star on MB Sprinter 519 CDI 4x4
Excellent two-person vehicle. All-wheel drive for adventure trips.



VARIOmobil presents the VARIO Star series on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 4x4 in exclusive design. The GfK body of the agile all-wheel-drive in the front and rear section is completely redesigned in an elegant line layout at a vehicle length of 7 - 8 m.

A switchable all-wheel drive, optimum traction and safety technology as well as air suspension ensure a lot of fun and ride comfort.

The interior in "vogueART" design, real oak veneer Oak nature sets particularly exclusive optical accents.


In short
Two-person vehicle VARIO Star 4x4

Length / width / height 7.100 – 8.050 mm / 2.360 mm / 3.140 mm
Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 CDI
Power 140 kW / 190 PS
GVWR 5.300 kg
Tank capacities 100 l Diesel
  200 l of fresh water / 150 l of waste water / 120 l of black water
Manufactory construction

100% Custom made, 2-4 sleeping places, individual PLANNING FREEDOM with floor plan, equipment, varnishing and all other exclusive details
Character Comfortable two-person vehicle, exclusive equipment, large rear garage

Link 1 :: Live video VARIO Star 800 on MB Sprinter 519 CDI 4x4

Link 2 :: 3 D motorhome view 'Interieur Oak nature'