Mobility is top priority at VARIOmobil. Multifunctional. No relocation. No either or. Easy to drive.

Every VARIOmobil has ample storage spaces. The large and spacious illuminated garage in the back, which is lined with easy to clean needle felt offers room for all kinds of things, you want to have on board when traveling.

If you want to be double or three times mobile while traveling your additional vehicle or sports and work equipment will find space in a large rear garage. 100 % custom-made means: every garage will be designed and made to your individual specifications. Just ask us. There are a variety of additional vehicles that could fit in such a rear garage.

  • enhanced rear structure of vehicle
  • self-supporting car retraction platform
  • electric sliding platform for automatic car retraction, about 1000 kg weight like a SMART for two for example
  • electric sliding platform for automatic car retraction, about 1300 kg weight like a BMW Mini for example
  • hydraulic sliding platform for automatic car retraction, about 1700 kg weight like a Mercedes Benz A-Class for example
  • Rear hatch with hydraulic operation and remote control
  • high-end hinges (covered and inside)
A 'veloSLIDE' directly netxt to the passenger car!
On a separate pull-out system, your e-bikes can be accommodated separately, supplied with power via the integrated charging station and also loaded and unloaded directly side by side to the car. No reparking of the car required!

The large hydraulically opening tailgate protects you during the loading process from scorching sun and also in rain.
VARIOmobil - a class of its own.

SafEty &

Driving Assistance Systems

We made it our goal to provide a safe and accident-free driving solution through the most modern and advanced technologies.

VARIOmobil offers driving assistance systems to improve the comfort, the energy consumption as well as the overall safety related aspects of driving.

Our driving assistance systems do provide in critical situations an alarm signal to the driver for an improved man-machine-reaction when intervening in gear, steering, or other signal-giving instruments.

  • ABS, ASR, ESP standard
  • electronic brake system (EBS / MAN)
  • electro-pneumatic brake system (EPB / Mercedes-Benz)
  • stabilizers at front and rear axle
  • cruise control standard
  • Lane guard system (LGS) standard with 18t and up
  • emergency brake assistant (EBA) standard with 18t and up
  • M+S tires
  • anti-theft device / electronic immobilizer
  • automatic distance control
  • surrounding observation system
  • lane change assistant
  • rear-camera, 7“ monitor integrated in cockpit
  • side cameras (in colour)


Additional informations about the driver assistance systems

System Solutions Fulfillment by VARIOmobil

More than form and function.

VARIOmobil is offering a broad spectrum of high-end individual custom-made solutions. Our customers can always expect a complete package of our know-how and well-rounded expertise.

At our facility in Bohmte, northern Germany, all production processes go hand in hand and are hand-made. By using short ways efficiency and time saving factors are mandatory. That allows us to implement our customer request promptly. Through our in-house departments of planning, construction, locksmithery, GRP parts production, sandwich plate construction, body shop, electrics, sanitation, climate technique, carpentry, paint shop and assembly your vehicle comes to live as a master piece with an incredible depth of construction skills.

With only the strictest safety measures and our strong reliability, we create robust and high quality body structures, energy saving systems and solutions – possible for travel- and business-mobiles in any shape and size.


Glass-fibre reinforced plastics - no cold bridge insulation

GRP is the name of the material the „light“ dreams of every car owner are made of. In the same quality the wall and floor construction have a 43 - 73 mm insulation width.

  • Self-supporting GRP (fiberglass) synthetic body frame
  • Distortion-free and shell-free sandwich overall construction, excellent quality
  • corrosion-free
  • no thermal bridge, corner-connection-profiling by hand
  • hail-protective GRP surface for the roofing
  • most accurately fitted clearance parts
  • GRP vehicle undercarriage with protection
  • costly waxed chassis and frame work

(1) GRP outer surface, painted by hand in three layers
(2) no thermal bridge insulation
(3) GRP structure enhanced support (mostly hail-resistant)
(4) RTM polystyrol foaming
(5) PU highly compressed, maximum heat resistant


100 % Custom made. More than just body work.

Individual vehicles in all desired lengths

  • we build each motorhome and business vehicle as requested - exact to the centimeter. For example, your garage is 10.37 m. You desired vehicle should be 10.33. We will build your VARIOmobil exact to the measure. Every vehicle within the regulations of the traffic laws.
  • our in-house sandwich panel production (up to 15 m x 3 m) allows any flexible and exact form
  • all round edges are laminated by hand 
  • the roof is completely walkable and highly resilient, so you can carry heavy loads

VARIO double flooring

  • the driving platform is raised
  • internal tanks, heated
  • solid intermediate floors, 48 - 73 mm insulation
  • „Planar Floor“ technology = even walkway throughout the interior

XXL undercarriage storage space

  • complete basement of all walkway floors
  • XXL additional storage room
  • underfloor storage spaces insulated, heated, illuminated
  • lined with needle felt

Excellent hatch technology

  • GRP sandwich construction, perfectly insulated, absolute robust
  • omnibus construction method, 2-point-rotary bolt lock, gas pressure lifting

Additional Highlights

  • engine area with additional noise protection to body construction and living quarters
  • VARIO Perfect always with alloy roof railing, painted oval tube
  • entrance door built in composite construction with additional safety lock and mosquito door



VARIOmobil your manufacturer for individual vehicle design.

The design of your motorhome can be made as unique as your handwriting. Extraordinary wishes are in all aspects of vehicle construction our specialty. Whether it is gold leaf in spiral nebula motion, changing coatings of paint or elaborate imagery ... a VARIOmobil will always be a unique master piece.

  • high-end paintwork of entire vehicle with two-component-varnish from the automotive industry
  • paintwork of cab parts (bumper, wheel arch, radiator grill)
  • metallic design elements like „VISION exclusive“ in a metallic paint coating
  • no foil
  • individual exterior design possible
  • one-tone or multi-color metallic coating
  • special colors and varnish
  • leaf gold applications, special effects and airbrush imagery are possible
  • paintwork done in our own 20 m painting hall
  • for business solutions we can provide any type of foliage with changing branding as well



An impressive feeling for space will await you when you come on board of a VARIOmobil with Slide-Out technology.

  • cleverly devised construction and flexible production allow custom-made Slide-Out solutions
  • extendable parts in the living area are the entire kitchen block and the comfortable leather sofa
  • in the sleeping area a queen‘s bed and an additional sofa could be extended
  • even for business solutions the Slide-Out options are impressive
  • Slide-Out systems are available with vehicles of 9 m length and up
  • 3 extendable Slide-Outs are possible per vehicle
  • retracted the Slide-Out is hardly visible, there is only a small gap on the exterior
  • the exterior painting / design is covering the Slide-Out area as well
  • area magnification from 2,50 m to 3,20 m possible
  • hydraulically operated Slide Out systems for improved living quality
  • pneumatic sealing system
  • the heated exterior surfaces provide even in winter times reliable full function