VARIO Integral

Motorhome with integrated cockpit

VARIO Integral 600 - 900

Built in that particular form in the years 1983 to 1990

VARIO Integral motorhomes back than had already the advantage of having the driver’s and co-driver’s seat easily integrated into the living area by turning them 180 degrees.

In these days, this type of classic motorhome would be called „partial-integrated“. Like in the past, so today these motorhomes have a high resale value and offer quite a charm, comfort and a spacious feeling.

VARION Perfect 1200

Motorhome Youngtimer - already a classic

VARIO Perfect 1200

Built in that particular form in the years 1995 to 2004 on VOLVO B 10 M
12 m, 420 HP, middle-engine, omnibus chassis

A „modern classic“ is a vehicle that by definition does not count as an oldtimer yet but is on the best way of becoming one. That’s how it is with the VARIO Perfect 1200 with self-supporting rear garage for your roadster, complete genuine wood interior, grant, high-end multi media, king-size bed under a starry sky, exclusive dream bath and many other excellent highlights.

VARIO Dynamic

mobile with separate tractive unit

VARIO Dynamic 600 -800

Built as a semi trailer in that particular form in the years 1985 to 1996 as a complete structure with its own tractive unit that could be driven independently.

Each VARIO Dynamic was individually built in lengths of 6-8 m either as business solution or as personal travel unit.

The Dynamic is a special structure in form of a trailer that has one portion of its weight rested on the axles of the tractive unit. A so-called „fifth wheel“ is holding the kingpin of the trailer tightly coupled. Such tractive units were IVECO Daily 35 C 13 / double cabin, MB Sprinter 416 CDI / double cabin, DODGE RAM pick up / Quad Cab. Changing them into tractive units was done in our own body shop. The fifth wheel was installed as well as an additional pneumatic brake system.

The structure itself was built like a trailer on a galvanized profile framework using lightweight construction methods.

VARIO on top cabins

Empty cabins - also for self development

VARIOmobil 230-560 | cabins

In the early 19eighties VARIOmobil offered empty cabins - also for self-assembly.
'Custom development?' asked at that time the company brochure and also gave the answer to the question.
'Sometimes is little money too much for poor quality, poor facilities, worn-hand vehicles or small vans.'

The ideal is:

  • Chassis on customer instruction
  • Construction with optimal properties
  • Floorplans with own ideas

For that there is only one option: Individual develpment, because only then you have the opportunity to realize your dreams of your motorhome'.

The concept form the eigthies proved to be sustainable. The empty cabins changed to individual manufacturing - until today CUSTOM MADE in Bohmte, GERMANY.