Fake Note | Do not make a deposit!

Fake Note | Do not make a deposit!

Fraud attempts appear more frequently | CAUTION with motorhome best prices and distress sales

VARIOmobil warns | do not make escrow payment before viewing



When buying a motorhome 

Not only on

Reputable online sales platforms such as work with protected telephone numbers and mail addresses of your private prospective buyers. This gives you, as a prospective buyer of a used vehicle, the opportunity to obtain information about your desired vehicle without initially releasing your contact details or even account information.

Attention! Photos of vehicle documents and identification papers can be faked! A serious seller usually does NOT put personal data on the net! A reservation deposit via alleged escrow service before vehicle inspection is absolutely unusual. Cash transfer "purchases" via Western Union - possibly without negotiated purchase contracts, without original vehicle documents or vehicle availability - are more than dubious. Protect yourself from this kind of "services" for crediting on the later payment process. Please DO NOT pay in full! Unlike e.g. Paypal buyer protection, a payment via Western Union is not secured!

The price or mileage of a motorhome offered on the Internet is often tempting because it is low . Question this! Ask for more information and expertise. Look closely! Prospective motorhome buyers are deceived with false vehicle documents or photos "found" on the Internet. 

The recent multiple appearance of the advertisement of the

VARIO Perfect 800 SH 

for enormously impressive EUR 205.000,- offer price in February 2023, then 180.000,- now with 160.000,- is of course NOT sold by the rightful owner!

Anyone who knows the real value of such a high-end motorhome is particularly vigilant here. Pleasantly attentive in terms of legality you were VARIOmobilisten. Quickly the FAKE offer in the motorhome sector was uncovered again and again and the fraudulent sales attempt was removed from the online sales markets.

At this point, a thank you to all who reported the wrong sale ad again and again. In this way, we as a premium manufacturer of exquisite touring vehicles can also swiftly support and other sales platforms in selecting the black sheep. The security of our customers and seriousness of the vehicle advertisements, particularly in the exclusive Landyachting range, must be ensured. The abusive intentions must be stopped as quickly as possible.

Precisely because the demand 

good used motorhome 

is much higher than the current supply: bet on security when buying a vehicle! The vehicle market is as good as "empty" due to long new vehicle delivery times caused by delayed material, procurement and supply chains. Ask us! Exquisite used vehicles are often only available "under the table".