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We welcome you to your 

VARIOmobil vehicle world

You can expect exclusive motorhomes and high-end business vehicles.
Highest quality manufacturing details give our vehicle construction the unique quality. The extraordinary equipment gives your VARIOmobil its value.
Therefore we offer you 100% individual construction for first-class landyachting.

This philosophy of high-end vehicle construction is geared towards you as the vehicle owner.
We build your unique travel property 100% CUSTOM MADE in German engineering. This opens up our
unique manufactory construction method to you: far more powerful than any vehicle configurator, model catalog or premium manufacturer in the top class. 

Simply VARIOmobil | A class of its own.

A VARIOmobil is always the product of explicit personal consultation. Ask us. Phone 05471 95 11 0 or +49 5471 95 11 0.
We will be happy to provide you with answers about your unique mobility.

Your VEHICLE manufactory

Consulting & Concept

A VARIOmobile is the COMPLETION of expertise in vehicle construction gained over decades.

Design & Engineering

The latest technologies. And best partners. For maximum comfort and your safety.

Technology & Manufacturing

Precision craftsmanship on powerful chassis from Mercedes-Benz and MAN.

Finishing & Detail

Exclusively for you, unique high-end living & business - mobile are created in our factory in Bohmte.


Business vehicles



What can hardly be put into words is best experienced by yourself.
This indescribable feeling of spaciousness when you enter a VARIOmobil.

  • Exclusive to classic living worlds
  • Also in the business area 100% individual
  • Gently rounded equipment in bentART design
  • Clear design language in vogueART design
  • Car garages from 10 m vehicle length
  • Slide Out technology - up to four retractable Slide Outs
  • Vehicles in desired length | accurate to the millimeter
  • 100 % CUSTOM MADE in Germany
  • As unique as you are
  • Precision and innovation
  • High-tech multimedia
  • Highest safety technology


A VARIOmobile wants to give you pleasure, surprise you, offer uniqueness and furthermore enable the preciousness of the moment.
Discover our enthusiasm for unconditional mobile living and working spaces.

Your VARIOmobil | A class of its own.


In the world, there are few things that are among the best of your kind.

For your safety and driving pleasure, we set high standards for the quality craftsmanship of your mobile. 

Whatever you have in mind, VARIOmobil offers high-end vehicles: for every purpose. As unique as your signature. Customized and built by hand.

Because quality convinces in the long term.

With great attention to every detail

Your land yacht is created in absolute one-off production: with an enormous vertical range of manufacture. Therefore, VARIOmobil combines the most diverse talents into a unique production process.

Hand in hand , we tackle and redefine your mobility.

We put colossal 8 - 26 ton trucks on wheels for you. And we live values such as team spirit, commitment and production optimization.

Every skill counts here.

High End in all facets

Our motorhomes are as exquisite as your requirements. And of particularly select quality.

We are happy to put our knowledge and experience from four decades in exquisite vehicle construction at your disposal. We will answer all your questions about your individual mobility in a personal conversation. If you would like to arrange a consultation appointment or order services ...

This is how easy it is to start your dialog with us: in Germany 05471 95 11 0 or from other countries +49 5471 95 11 0.


Quality | Expertise | Passion | That is VARIOmobil.

For you, we offer the advantages of an owner-managed family business. In addition, we have more than 40 years of outstanding expertise, unsurpassed knowledge and exceptional KowHow in vehicle construction. The very best materials and trust in renowned brands are the reason for the high-tech quality of your individual dream vehicle.



Our manufacture is as individual as your demands. Interior ideas from "vogueART" to "urbanNATURE" get your signature. A Morgan Threewheler as a travel-mobile passenger vehicle, is therefore just as possible as your favorite Strecker. Our multifunctional rear garage - also with self-supporting "easySLIDE" car platform - accommodates your Fiat 500 just as nobly as your Mercedes Benz AMG Black Series. Your Harley feels just as well parked here as your eBikes.

Your VARIOmobil | A class of its own.

Your dialogue with us

We are happy to put our knowledge and experience from four decades in exquisite vehicle construction at your disposal.

And answer all questions about your individual mobility in a personal conversation:


Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Hülsmann
+ 49 5471 9511 - 33


Frank Mix
+49 5471 9511 - 20


+ 49 5471 9511 - 0
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Since the early 1981s, a self-build motorhome project has developed into an exquisite vehicle construction manufactory for individual upscale demands.
To this day, innovative technology, the highest quality materials, exquisite interiors and elegant design language define the excellent quality of a VARIOmobile.