Future day with motorhome

Future day with motorhome

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Young tradespeople ready for the future 


Internship day with a future

VARIOmobil | Bohmte: with the motorhome

through the world of craftsmanship

On Future Day, seven pupils from years 5 to 10 conquered the junior staff area of motorhome production in Bohmte. "This year, a very special 3D project was on the agenda: theproduction of a desk organizer with a motorhome look for pens and a Post-It pad," says instructor Jana Michaelis happily.

The exciting internship day began with a tour of the plant. Production manager André Wettstein not only presented the fascinating work areas at VARIOmobil, he also gave a thorough safety briefing. After all, safety is paramount in the production of luxury motorhomes - just as it is with a handmade WOMO desk organizer.

After the informative introduction across all departments, it was straight down to business. On their Girls' and Boys' Day, the pupils went through various workshops in the paint shop, joinery, metalworking shop, final assembly and finally documentation. This gave them an insight into the entire process of manufacturing the motorhome organizer. 

In the design department, the young people first learned about theory. B.Sc. Alexander Neven and Martina Schunke vividly explained the individual

Production steps

from design to production and assembly. Then it became practical...



In the 3D CAD design department, the trainees gained an insight into the components of the organizer and created detailed drawings for production. They then delved into the world of assemblies and learned how the individual camper parts are put together to form a harmonious whole.

Another important step was the painting of the aluminum parts, where the students learned from apprentice Jannis Hericks how to prepare surfaces and paint them professionally. Then, under the guidance of Michael Lenz (trainee cabinetmaker), wooden components were sanded and assembled in the joinery workshop to ensure the functional aspect of the organizer.

Deburring and drilling the aluminum parts with locksmith apprentice Arne Klöcker was another step on the way to completing the unique mini motorhome. These seemingly small steps were crucial for the workers of the future. And they demonstrated in a simplified way how a high-quality end product is created.

Finally came the exciting moment of assembling all the parts. Under the guidance of the VARIOmobil trainees, the students assembled their work into a finished motorhome desk organizer. The elegant look of a luxury motorhome was skillfully captured by mounting the parts in a brushed stainless steel carrier finished with a laser engraving. At the end of the Future Day, the organizers were complete and proudly filled by the young participants. Post-It pads and Stabilo pens found their place in the compartments: ready to organize the desk and make everyday life easier. Charlene Perner, a first-year office management trainee, supervised the creation of the process documentation and handed over the finished work placement folders to the young trainees.

VARIO certificates included

The future day at VARIOmobil

was not only an opportunity to learn manual skills, but also gave a small insight into the world of our motorhome manufacture with exclusively individual production," says Frank Mix, Managing Director of VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH. The students left the day with new experiences, inspired by the craftsmanship and dedication behind every VARIOmobil product. 

The student internship was a day full of the future - perhaps even the start of a career in the world of crafts. The future workers proudly took home their Future Day certificates from the motorhome factory.

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