In our motorhome manufactory in Bohmte, all production steps are carried out hand in hand and, of course, also by hand.
On short ways efficiency and time savings in manufacturing and assembly are self-evident. This means that customer wishes can be adapted at short notice.
In our own departments for planning and construction, model making, locksmithery, GRP parts production, sandwich panel production, body construction, electrical, sanitary and air conditioning technology, heating construction, carpentry,
paint shop and final assembly, your vehicle is created with an enormous vertical range of manufacture in exclusive one-off production.


Each VARIOmobil is exclusively equipped with large storage capacities . The very large, illuminated rear garage, lined with easy-care needle felt, offers space for all the things you like to have with you when traveling.

You would like to be double or triple mobile? Would you like to use your classic car as an escort vehicle and your roadster when the sun is shining? And of course your e-bikes? Then your passenger cars, sports or work equipment will find room in a very large rear garage. 100% CUSTOM MADE means: every car garage is individually adapted to your desired passenger vehicles. Ask us! Optionally, many different types of co -drivers can be taken on board.

Your VELOslide right next to the car

Separate pull-out system for two e-bikes | refueling via integrated charging station | power supply directly next to the car. No parking out required! 

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Video: Convertible AND SUZUKI GSXR in CAR GARAGE

100% CUSTOM MADE means: every car garage iscustomized to your desired passenger vehicle. A super sport racing bike?

Ask us! Optionally, many different types of escort vehicles can be taken on board. And even absolutely multifunctional. No rearranging. No either or. Simply side by side multiple ready to drive.

The large hydraulically opening tailgate protects against scorching sun during the loading process and also in the rain. | You Tube Video | VARIO Car Garage.

Your VARIOmobil - in a class of its own.

SLIDE OUT TECHNIQUE | from 9 m vehicle length

The retractable VARIO bay window technology gives you an unrestricted feeling of space .

From 9 m vehicle length, the kitchen including the comfortable leather sofa is extended in the living area. From 10.5 m vehicle length, the queen bed and an additional sofa can be extended in the bedroom. From 11 m vehicle length your motorhome can have four extendable living room bay windows. This also turns the dinette or the front table group with comfortable captains chairs into a spacious living area.


The electro-hydraulic Slide Outs extend the interior space by up to 50 cm in width. Opposite, the living space thus increases by 1 sqm per optical meter of bay length. In the living room and bedroom are two directly opposite Slide Outs are available. They make possible so in each case more than 10 sqm of extra sleeping or living space with full headroom.

To ensure that the bay windows work without problems even in the extremely cold winter, the surface heatingwhich defrosts snow and ice when necessary.

Mirrorless driving

More safety and better aerodynamics

Mirrorless driving | VARIO Mirror Eye

Instead of the conventional main and wide-angle mirrors, this system works with digital cameras and displays.
The transmission takes place directly to the driver on two monitors. The unobstructed view diagonally ahead increases the field of vision as well as the safety of the motorhome crew. Overtaking, parking, driving on narrow roads and in curves can be mastered more safely and with less stress .

One camera each, attached to the left and right of the roof frame and mechanically folding forwards and backwards to protect against damage, feed the sharp eyes of the MirrorCam.

In addition, two portrait-format monitors mounted on the A-pillars in the driver's cab and easy-to-reach controls with multi-touch display function are part of the user-friendly equipment. 

In real time , the images from the cameras with a resolution of 720×1,920 pixels are transmitted to the two 15.2-inch monitors. Analogous to the conventional mirror system, the monitor image is divided into main and wide-angle areas.


The goal is to enable accident-free driving through technically advanced anticipatory vehicles.


Technically sophisticated driver assistance systems to increase your driving comfort and to support you in all safety-relevant driving situations are our claim. 

Safety systems intervene semi-autonomously in the drive, control or signaling equipment of your vehicle. They will warn you : shortly before or during critical situations.


More than form and function.

VARIOmobil is a provider of a wide product range of high-quality individual manufacturing solutions. For you, we always use our know-how, the very best service performance and our comprehensive industry knowledge as a complete offer.
You receive all trades from a single source.

With strict requirements for safety and reliability , we offer robust and highest quality bodies, energy management solutions and services for motorhomes and business vehicles of all types and sizes.

Our location in Bohmte is certified several times by DEKRA Certification GmbH according to ISO Norm 9001:2015 in the areas of development, construction, production, repair and sales of special vehicles , especially motorhomes.


Seamless transitions | front | side walls

The insulation without cold bridges 

GfK is the name of the material from which the lightweight dreams of all vehicle owners are made.
The wall and floor construction with 43 - 73 mm insulation thickness is also consistent in terms of quality.

  1. GRP top coat, hand painted 3 layers
  2. Insulation without cold bridges
  3. GRP with fabric reinforcement (largely insensitive to hail)
  4. RTM Rigid Polystyrene Foam
  5. PU high density, high temperature resistant
Permafleet water-based technology
High quality car paint SYSTEMS
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Technical highlights

Highest quality level | Absolutely high-quality technical performance

100% Custom made. More than just vehicle construction.

A VARIOmobile wants to give pleasure, surprise, offer uniqueness
and furthermore enable the preciousness of the moment.

This website conveys to you, we hope, our enthusiasm
for unconditional mobile living and working spaces. What can hardly be depicted by photos or even
put into words is best experienced by yourself. This indescribable feeling of space.

Whatever your plans, VARIOmobil offers HIGH END vehicles for every application.
Because quality convinces in the long term.

Customized vehicles in desired length

We build your land yacht or business vehicle to the centimeter. For example, your motorhome parking space measures 10.37 m. Your desired vehicle should then be e.g. 10.33 m long and 3.87 m high? EVERY external dimension permissible within the framework of the road traffic regulations is possible.

In-house sandwich panel production in sizes up to 15 m x 3 m enables flexible dimensions and precisely fitting superstructures

All curves laminated by hand

The vehicle roof is fully loadable along its entire length, even heavy loads can be transported on it.

The VARIO raised floor
XXL underbody storage spaces
First class damper technology
More highlights