Camper scene in the spotlight

Camper scene in the spotlight

Highend Landyachting VARIOmobil | High-tech motorhomes since 1981


The best of Germany| Impressions: Saarland TV, HACO, FOCUS Money, Autobild's golden motorhome.




Quality and performance | Durability and the guiding principle "form follows function"


Germany, known for its precision, quality and technical sophistication, is also a leader in the motorhome sector. This is not only confirmed by German Television with its simple online videos shot on location. Their focus is on technical content, as it is so beautifully called today. The renowned motorhome YouTuber couple Hartmut and Rita Conrad also freely share their experiences with the new VARIO Star.

In a recently published article on the online video portal Saarland Fernsehen, the

Excellence in the German motorhome industry

highlighted. The report praises the outstanding quality and innovative design of the vehicles, especially VARIOmobil. One look at the video linked below and it becomes clear why these vehicles are a hit in Germany and around the world.

The popular motorhome YouTuber HACO

Hartmut Conrad is an integral part of the German camper scene. He is a brand ambassador for the motorhome manufacturer VARIOmobil "just like that". In one of his latest videos, he enthusiastically drives the new VARIO Star and shares his impressions with his large fan base. With his passionate nature and in-depth knowledge, HACO is a trusted source for motorhome enthusiasts. And his design requirements for his unique VARIOmobil are a strong testament to the quality and performance of his VARIO Star Liner, the VARIO Perfect's narrow brother.

It's not just the down-to-earth users and influencers who love VARIOmobil. Sven Herzog from Saarland Medien and commentators on social media channels also rave about the Komnfort vehicles from the motorhome manufacturer. Of course, there are also headwinds for high-tech Landyachting in the upper price segment. But even entry-level campers enjoy browsing the YouTube channels and coming across VARIOmobil time and time again. It's a pleasure to see these owners as campers through and through and to feel how they live their passion for traveling and freedom on wheels. A big thank you for the continuous inspiration! Because there is a tip or two for every motorhome owner. Even for us vehicle designers.

Quality, durability and the guiding principle "form follows function" are the top priorities at VARIOmobil, especially when it comes to product design.

Behind the scenes at VARIOmobil

are the makers, a good 65 specialists in total, who make the brand what it is with their expertise and dedication. A class of its own. Even in times of unpredictable supply chains, collapsing global markets and an increasingly noticeable shortage of skilled workers, the VARIOmobil team remains true to the high-end standards of craftsmanship.

Dipl. Ing. Heiko Hülsmann, known for his expert presentations in front of the camera, is currently showing the new VARIO Perfect 1000 on MB Actros. His passion for innovation and quality is reflected in every detail of this exquisite motorhome.

Landyachting at VARIOmobil is managed by Frank Mix, a master of his trade who not only successfully steers the VARIOmobil business, but also captures brilliant photos behind the scenes that show the beauty and elegance of the vehicles.

"If you want to move forward, you have to move" recognized VARIO company founder Bernhard Rothgänger. As early as 1981, he coined


the customer motto:

Your greatest possible
mobility is our vision."


Since then, VARIOmobil has been happy to make you self-sufficient, more mobile, freer, more independent... https://vario-mobil. com/historie/

With VARIOmobil, you not only experience the best of Germany, but also the best in liners and motorhomes. From the quality of the materials to the attention to detail - every vehicle is a masterpiece that embodies the essence of German engineering and craftsmanship. Focus Money's consumer survey and the readers' votes for the Autobild's golden motorhome award were also very positive: VARIOmobil achieves outstanding overall satisfaction. The brand is recognized in the Deutschlandtest for its excellent quality, individuality and outstanding customer service.


The best motorhome comes from Germany
GERMAN TELEVISION writes on the online video portal

And by far the most popular motorhome YouTuber in Germany, HACO = Hartmut Conrad drives the new VARIO Star

Photos: The makers of VARIOmobil Frank Mix and Heiko Huelsmann. The new VARIO Perfect 1000 on MB Actros in the Blackline Edition. Axel Suelwald[Autobild Reisemobil] presents Frank Mix [VARIOmobil] with the "Golden Motorhome" certificate.
FOCUS Money Study Germany Test 

Great cinema also for VARIOmobil.

Sven Herzog from Saarland Medien and Haco, or rather the Conrads, are campers through and through. It's always great to watch the YouTube channels and discover VARIOmobil. Thank you for that. Thanks also to the participants in the German test "Die Besten" and especially to the readers and editors of Autobild Reisemobil for the best rankings and the great photo from CARAVAN SALON.

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