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10,5 and 12 m vehicle length | 2- and 3-axle chassis | 18 - 26 t chassis MB Actros | car garage | 1-3 extendable living space bay SLIDE OUT | the best motorhomes

The integrated semi-integrated

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As individual as your handwriting

Powerhouse | Motorhome | MB Actros

The original cab of the chassis is also retained in the VARIO SIGNATURE. Unlike the VARIO alcove, the body and the characterful front / cabin of the XXL cab are integrated - even with transversely movable second row of seats for fourfold co- / pilot feeling. At the same time, the transition from the cockpit to the living area with full standing height is successful. And even a soft-floating pull-down bed finds ample space above the pilot seats.

Seamlessly merging transitions and the all-round real glass light band give this exclusive liner its eye-catching shape. This first-class vehicle offers you plenty of space for separate sleeping areas with 4 to 6 beds. Room concepts individually tailored to your needs guarantee maximum living comfort in the top class. 


HIGH CLASS equipment, technology and design


Luxury Motorhome | THE SIGNATURE

The VARIO Signature. Unique. not like a shy deer.

A VARIO SIGNATURE is as unique as your signature. And you enjoy full PLANNING FREEDOM with regard to floor plan, equipment, paintwork and all other details.

  • Superstructure connected and integrated with XXL driver's cab
  • In-house GRP side spoilers
  • Optimum transition from driver's cab to bodywork
  • second row of seats for quadruple (co-) pilot feeling
  • Pull-down bed above the cockpit | 4- 6 beds
  • 2- or 3-axle MB Actros, 18 or 26 tons zGGW
  • 10.5 m to 12 m long | up to 3 slide-outs
  • Car garage from Smart to Mercedes AMG GT | Porsche Turbo
2 axles | 18 t | MB Actros 1843 LL

VARIO Signature 1050

Your high-end travel companion with XL car garage and SLIDE OUT.

The exclusively equipped VARIO SIGNATURE offers you a family-friendly ambience. Numerous driver assistance systems accompany you on board this semi-integrated land yacht. This makes driving easier and safer for you. Lane departure warning, emergency brake assist, adaptive cruise control and other comprehensive safety systems come as standard with a gross vehicle weight of 18 tons.

3 axles | 26 t | MB Actros 2543 LLL

VARIO Signature 1200

The new dimension in driving dynamics shows its face. At 26 t, the SIGNATURE is handy, maneuverable and superlative on the fully air-suspended three-axle Mercedes-Benz Actros. It offers you driving pleasure with a body length of 12 m and a perfectly matched self-steering trailing axle.
Up to 3 x pneumatically sealing residential bay windows are also on board, as is the XXL car garage for a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT with automatic retraction on a self-supporting car platform that accommodates multiple vehicle types from BMW Mini to Porsche 911. 
Semi-integrated high-end motorhome VARIO Signature - VARIOmobil in Bohmte

World Class MOBILE | VARIO Signature

Take your feel-good factors on board

Maximum mobility | garage and bike slide

Welcome to the new motorhome dimension.

The VARIO Signature on MB Actros: striking character, straightforward exclusive design, separate XXL sleeping berths. Naturally equipped with: High-tech of the finest, individual car garage, extra-large living space - Slide Out and enormous loading capacities - for your best possible mobility.

VARIOmobil implements customer wishes with care and precision. The added value? An exquisite motorhome, built with exquisite craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. The sum? Mobile construction art. The definition: design, comfort, sportiness and personal taste.



Enjoy the most beautiful days of the year in a unique atmosphere. Up to 3 x extendable living space bay windows - also called Slide Out - increase the living space of your motorhome for that certain extra comfort. It spoils you:

  • exquisite ambience in spacious living area
  • a comfortable lounge in sturdy thick leather
  • also with family friendly separate dinette
  • exclusive kitchen technology coffee fully automatic machine
  • Induction hob, oven, dishwasher, XXL refrigerator with freshness zone
  • Multimedia at its best
  • two extra large king size sleeping areas

DIMENSION & sense of space

The VARIO Signature combines the uniqueness of mobile travel with individual space, exquisite comfort, first-class technology and innovative design freedom. Exclusively for you, our manufacture construction method offers unlimited choices of fabrics, leathers, fine stoneware and all other equipment details for your excellent travel domicile. So every VARIOmobil is as unique as you are.

Classic or modern shapes, high-end technology, precious raw materials and timeless color combinations combine to create a harmonious whole that retains its value.

You want to learn more? Here you will find all the details:



Experience unique MANUFAKTUR construction and 100% planning freedom.

We manufacture semi-integrated motorhomes 100% custom made and offer 100% choice in all equipment details. Each VARIOmobile is the COMPLETION of the COMPETENCE acquired for more than four decades in HIGH-END vehicle construction. Your VARIO Signature is equipped with large storage capacities in all areas and offers plenty of space for all the things you like to have with you - e.g. in a very large rear garage.

Floor plan solutions tested by experienced globetrotters

Your wishes for a perfect motorhome can be quite different. Four pilot seats in the font, a sliding second row of seats? Of course, we will also develop your individual floor plan: so that you feel completely at home in your exclusive VARIOmobil.
The floor plans shown here may include optional equipment.
You would like to stop the rotating floor plan ideas of our field-proven motorhomes? And plan your unique motorhome interior? Simply click on the desired project sketch. Manually, you can then navigate further through the gallery using the arrows: and thus draw up your dream motorhome piece by piece. 

Your dialogue with us

We are happy to put our knowledge and experience from four decades in exquisite vehicle construction at your disposal.

And answer all questions about your individual mobility in a personal conversation:


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