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Motorhome OLDTIMER with CHARME

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Model overview Vario Classic

VARIO Integral 600-900

Motorhomes with ingetrated cab

Built in this form in the years 1983 to 1990, from 1986 with GfK front

VARIO Integral motorhomes already had the advantage at the time that the driver's cab could be incorporated into the living area by means of rotating driver and passenger seats.

Today, this classic motorhome would be called semi-integrated . Then as now, these motorhomes have high resale values and offer charm, comfort and a great sense of space.

VARIO Perfect 1200

Motorhome Youngtimer - already a classic


Built in this form in the years 1995 - 2004 on VOLVO B 10 M
12 m, 420 hp, mid-engine omnibus chassis

"Modern classic", this designation stands for vehicles that by definition are not yet classic cars - but are certainly on their way to becoming so. This is also the case with the VARIO Perfect 1200 with cantilevered car garage for your roadster, real wood interior, granite, high-end multimedia, king-size bed under a starry sky, excellent (T)room bathroom and many exclusive highlights.


VARIO Dynamic 600-800

Living saddle rider

Built inthis form in the years 1985 - 1996, these bodies can be stationed on site and the tractor can be driven "solo" if necessary.

Each VARIO Dynamic of 6-8 m was individually developed as a residential semi-trailer on galvanized sectional steel frame in lightweight construction. This special body form in the manner of a trailer, shifts part of the weight to the axles of a tractor unit. The tractor and semitrailer are connected via a so-called fifth wheel plate and the king pin .

As tractors proved themselves e.g. IVECO Daily 35 C 13 / double cab, MB Sprinter 416 CDI / double cab, DODGE RAM Pick up / Quad Cab. Of course, the conversions were and are still carried out in our own workshop: a fifth wheel coupling as well as a compressed air supply system for braking the semi-trailer is installed.


VARIO surface-mounted cabins

VARIOmobil 230 - 560 | empty cabins 

In the early 1980s, VARIOmobil offered empty cabins - also for self-assembly.
'Individually expand?' asked the company brochure at the time, and also gave an immediate answer to this question: 'For inferior quality, poor equipment, worn-out used vehicles or small panel vans, sometimes even a little money is still too much'.

The ideal is:

  • Chassis according to own choice
  • Structure with optimal properties
  • Facilities according to own ideas

There is only one option for this: the individual extension. Because only in this way you have the possibility to realize your motorhome dreams...'

The concept of the eighties proved to be sustainable. The empty cabins became individual fixed bodies in manufactory construction. CUSTOM MADE in Bohmte / GERMANY to this day.

VARIO Alcove 350-1200

ONE alcove mobile | two separate sleeping areas

Built in this form since 1986. Here on VW LT with all-wheel drive.

The original chassis cab is retained in the VARIO alcove. The space above - the so-called alcove - is used as an additional sleeping loft and gives this motorhome its striking shape. This vehicle type offers you plenty of space for separate sleeping areas with 4-8 fixed beds. A wide variety of room concepts guarantee maximum living comfort and a feeling of space.

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