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Tailor-made exclusivity for the highest demands, that is VARIOmobil.

Sturdy construction is not enough to ensure high-quality and durable vehicle construction. That is why VARIOmobil offers quality with continuation, individuality and service in all details since 1983. Always with a sense of lasting value and owner's wishes. If you appreciate advice: We are there for you!

100 % freedom to plan
100 % custom made
100 % motorhome construction
100 % special vehicle construction
100 % freedom with regard to design, materials and equipment
100 % customer focus and orientation


The finest craftsmanship - that's VARIOmobil

When it comes to creating individual motorhomes and business vehicles of exceptional quality, we rely on our craftsmanship. We have mastered the art of handling materials and technology and the will to innovate for more than 4 decades.

Awareness of tradition and orientation towards the future form the two poles that drive the development of the craft but also of the company. By tradition , we mean those revolutions that have stood the test of time. Because last but not least, the pioneering spirit has always been a factor that is decisive for success in vehicle construction.

No matter where our vehicles are headed, they always start in Bohmte / Germany and pass through the in-house locksmith shop, mold making, paint shop, carpentry and final assembly. Exclusive vehicle construction from a single source, that is VARIOmobil.

German high Technology


VARIOmobil consistently pursues the guideline High End German Technology in vehicle construction as a prerequisite for the high level of development of all products. We understand this strategy as a living and learning process that is constantly adapted to new challenges.

Development, production and application go hand in hand with a 100% customer-oriented construction phase.

First class design

Craftsmanship has a name - VARIOmobil

Our goal is to produce the most exclusive custom interiors by harmonizing function and design and using first-class materials.

Real wood design, contrasts and creativity

All objects and furnishings, without exception, were designed by us and produced under the highest quality standards. If you are interested in an interior idea, please feel free to contact us. We will explain our motorhomes to you in detail at any time and turn your wishes into realizable vehicle visions.

Top quality

High tech has a name

A VARIOmobile is the product of precision craftsmanship. Our passion for first-class quality is what drives us. Precision and durability are guaranteed by the highest quality chassis and equipment components from renowned suppliers.

Whether integrated, semi-integrated or alcove mobile: Your VARIOmobil. A class of its own.

Quality Policy

VARIOmobil develops, produces and repairs motorhomes and special vehicles in the premium segment. The aim is to cover private needs in the luxury segment and the commercial sector with exquisite quality standards. The year-round usability of the vehicles in connection with decades of use is in the foreground.

The basic prerequisite for this is indispensable quality.

DEKRA Certification GmbH confirms VARIOmobil that a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard has been introduced and is maintained at the 49163 Bohmte site. The areas of development, design, manufacture, repair and sales of special vehicles, in particular motorhomes, were certified.

Vario Special Solutions

Sophisticated designs and flexible production enable customized individual solutions.

You can achieve a feeling of space and size with the retractable bay window technology "VARIO Slide Out". Pneumatic sealing systems and the heating of the outer surfaces ensure perfect functioning even in winter.

Or simply take your second car with you on your travels. Car garages from L -XXL are at your disposal. 100% CUSTOM MADE means: the car garage is adapted to your desired passenger vehicle.

Individual solutions are also available for your hobby and business equipment.
Just ask us! Not possible - almost not possible.

100% Service - 100% Customer Satisfaction

Excellent service comes as standard with every VARIOmobil. So that you come back as a satisfied customer.

No one is safe from incidents. That's why our certified CARAVAN workshop offers service in every detail: from general maintenance, mechanic, repair, painting and electronics services to cosmetic repairs and professional bodywork and superstructure repairs. The VARIO portfolio also includes extensive GRP repair work or engine and generator inspections.

Everything with a sense of quality and owner's wishes, professionally and reliably executed, on request all over the world.

If you would like advice or to commission services .
We are here for you! Phone 05471 95 11 40