VARIO Business integrated

All in one - full equipment

Your Business - Mobile | High-End FAHRZEUGBAU | 7 - 12 m | Also compact the excellent business solution for more customer proximity.

In the case of integrated business vehicles ,the driver's cab is fully integrated into the vehicle and thus into the area of use.
This creates a particularly spacious feeling that excellently represents your business.



Each VARIO business mobile is an exclusive and representative ambassador of your corporate identity. It is built 100% on customer request as a doctor's mobile, promotion vehicle, banking center, broadcasting van or exclusive horse transporter... A VARIOmobile is the continuation of the COMPETENCE acquired over years and decades in your business. It offers with its particularly stately extent extraordinarily much place for outstanding mobile consulting and workplaces: It ensures the representative FULL EQUIPMENT of your mobile customer center.

The functionality and equipment of your special vehicle is as unique as your business, therefore you will not find any extension modules or equipment variants with us. VARIOmobil builds 100% custom made in Germany. Exclusively for you!


Model overview Vario Business Integrated

Work and travel

Star 800 - 900 | VIP Shuttle

Enjoy outstanding comfort and exquisite interior in your business mobile.

A VIP shuttle offers every conceivable convenience for contemporary travel. From state-of-the-art conference technology and coffee bar to perfect seating comfort, all the prerequisites are in place for a relaxed transfer of your business partners.

Outside broadcast van for all LIVE events of your TV station

VARIO Perfect 850 | OB Van

This OB truck handles all studio functions for live broadcasts.

The rooms in the OB van, only 8.5 m long, are fully air-conditioned. On board is asoundproof sound room with emergency exit, the room for the picture control room can be reached via the easy-to-use center staircase, and the exterior flaps at the rear can be used to form a working gallery with weather roof for rear accessibility / service work on the racks, while the exterior flaps on the driver's side can be used to operate various permanently installed technology. Special flap holders ensure that no cables can become trapped.

  • Room 1: Equipment room with three 19" racks, soundproofed to the control room
  • Room 2: Control room. Five video workstations, integrated lengthwise in the vehicle
  • Room 3: Sound control room (separated from the control room for acoustic reasons)
  • with one workstation, a second one is expandable if required
  • Room 4: Driver's cab with two multifunctional workstations
Full equipment with possibility of overnight stay

VARIO Perfect 1050 | OB Van

This OB van is equipped with the latest technology of a radio or television studio. It is used for live reporting. On board, in addition to a lounge and accommodation for the technicians, there is a meeting room, video room, audio room and accommodation for your cameras, image mixers, video effects equipment, sound mixers and VTR machines, etc. 

Each VARIOmobile is manufactured to customer specifications and equipped exactly according to your wishes.

The VARIO Perfect 1050 Business can be registered in this form as a self-propelled workstation or as a camper. In addition, an exterior design, matching the CI / CD of your company, can be applied using foil technology or painted.

VARIO Perfect 1050 | Health mobile

A mobile alternative to the stationary consulting room is the fully equipped examination mobile.

In addition to a consultation room, the doctor's mobile has a laboratory workstation and various examination areas. Thus, the innovative medical practice extension offers the possibility to provide a complete, area-wide occupational safety medicalservice on site, to provide consultation in all questions of health and safety at work in the company, as well as to carry out occupational medical check-ups.

Made for the German Navy

VARIO Perfect 1100 | Infomobile

Custom made in Germany.

Presentation vehicles - as we understand them - give a first impression of your performance on site. State-of-the-art technology, attractive appearance and a high degree of mobility are the ingredients for being present at trade fairs, festivals or sponsorship visits.

The versatility and usability of the business vehicle are its outstanding features. Films can be shown on modern flat screens in both the interior and exterior areas. The well thought-out interior concept with different areas allows group or individual meetings in a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to a retractable roof, the outdoor area can be used regardless of the weather.

Promotion mobile product training

VARIO Perfect 1100 Business

Infomobile with Slide Out

The VARIO Perfect 1100business mobile on MAN 14.290 HOCL
is a fully air-conditioned promotion mobile on a rear-engine omnibus chassis. You can reach this promotion vehicle with low entry height via two external entry steps with comfortable step height.

The interior of this fully equipped Infomobile offers you a wide range of possibilities for optimal presentations and interesting product training. Directly at the object or on large screens, information, demonstrations and product introductions can be delivered in a representative way in the promotion truck.

An intelligent energy feed together with extra powerful generator provides enough power in the mobile exhibition stand.

Audiometry mobile

VARIO Business Perfect 1100

The modernly equipped VARIO BUSINESS MOBIL VARIO Perfect 1100 enables comprehensive examinations and a wide range of services in discrete premises in use e.g. for insurers and professional associations.

The Vorsorgemobil has two fully equipped audiometry booths in addition to examination and laboratory zones.

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