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Are you motivated by a whopping 530 hp of driving power and the will to make BIG things happen? Skill, diligence, production optimization and team spirit are your calling? Then go for it!

As a production specialist for high-tech motorhomes and customized business vehicles, we combine a multitude of talents to create a fascinating production process. With a team of around 65 specialists in exquisite vehicle construction, we work hand in hand to put unique 8 - 26 ton vehicles on wheels. For us, values such as team spirit, motivation and production optimization are paramount.
And we know that Every talent counts.

Any questions? 05471-95 11 0. Ready for teamwork? Your future? The new? Then go ahead - get started! Send an e-mail to
Whether in production or service. We want to become even more innovative, digital and agile.
For this reason: preferably with you. 

Welcome to the team

Because if you want to move forward, you have to move.

Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Employee for GRP parts production [m|w|d] wanted

Do you have manual skills and meticulous creative work in your blood? Then the production and processing of impressive GRP parts = wheel arch, spoiler and "round corner profile" made of glass fiber reinforced plastic is waiting for you and your motivation . Provided: You want to build something BIG with us. So are benefits and the prospect of a permanent full-time position interesting for you? 

Welcome to the team. A lateral entry , e.g. from the professional field boat builder, body and vehicle builder, drywall builder or model maker is very well possible.  

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Plant mechanic | heating engineer |
Mechanic in plant construction
HSK InstaLLATEUR [m|w|D]

Specializing in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning technology

Are you a professional for installations, maintenance, repairs and servicing? Look forward to a great challenge in exclusive motorhome and special vehicle construction with a particularly varied and interesting field of activity. Welcome to the HSK team.

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Commercial employee [m|w|D]
part-time or full-time

Sitting at the PC forever? Always doing nothing but filing? No way.
In our dynamic purchasing team, the fun factor is guaranteed 10 out of 10. Short distances and a smooth handling process in logistics, goods and quality control are your thing? Welcome to the team.

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]


Electrician | Information electronics technician
Automation, device and system technician 

We are looking for you to strengthen our motorhome production. As well as for our service team in Bohmte. In other words: Your tasks will be the installation and wiring of a wide range of interesting electrical components. Welcome to the team.

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]


Do you appreciate a unique and varied job in exclusive furniture construction? On top of that, do you enjoy refining exclusive woods and wood-based materials? You love the production and installation of individual furniture parts? As well as varied surface processing, kitchen construction, cabinet and bathroom installation? Welcome to the team.

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

METAL BUILDER | Appliance & Apparatus Builder |
VEHICLE & Body Builder [M|W|D]

Direct hit! Sparks fly here.

In short: as a metalworker, craftsmanship is required. This includes the production of individual metal constructions for exclusive motorhomes and high-end business vehicles.
Are you also
passionate aboutTIG and MIG/MAG welding? Welcome to the team.

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Vehicle painter [m|w|D]

This job is particularly exciting and varied because the range of tasks includes not only painting technology for high-end motorhomes, XXL special vehicles and vehicle parts, but also activities that have to do with related professional fields. Career starters and professionals welcome. 

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CAREER START? You are missing!


We are looking for trainees [m|w|d] for August 1 of each year .
You are welcome to do an internship in Bohmte and get started, e.g. as an office management assistant [m|w|d] from 2025. Application form >>

If you have already completed the vocational school for business, you have already started your career for this 2-year apprenticeship in office management.

Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Vehicle construction mechanic [m|w|D]

Your apprenticeship 2024 | Specializing in automotive engineering

Body and vehicle builders manufacture and repair vehicle bodies and body parts. They also maintain our motor homes and business vehicles. They also repair accident damage and install car accessories.

In addition, you will work on your career every day - until the sparks fly. Your clickto the application form >>

Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Painter [m|w|D]

Your apprenticeship 2024 | Specialization vehicle painter

Painters refine the outer skin of our motorhomes and business vehicles. They prepare surfaces for painting, e.g. by sanding and priming . They apply the individual layers of paint using spraying equipment and spray guns. At the end of your training, you will have yourpaint spray gun license in your pocket.

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Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]

Carpenter [m|w|D]

Your apprenticeship 2024 | Specializing in furniture construction

As a carpenter, you have to deal with many machines. At the end of your training, you will be able to operate them without difficulty. It will also be noisy and dirty at times. In addition, you need dexterous hands and a good imagination.

After three exciting years of training, you've built your way into a great career. Your clickto the application form >>

Vehicle painter [m|w|gn]