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The perfect solution - The box body

Your business on site | SPECIAL VEHICLE CONSTRUCTION | 4.5 - 12 m | Also compact the excellent business solution for more mobility.

Individual vehicle body with fixed walls in the form of a closed box or case. The body is firmly connected to the chassis.
The driver's cab can be integrated, e.g. for shorter vehicles. Or: the driver's cab of the chassis remains separately accessible, e.g. for safety reasons.


Box bodies. Compact to XXL.

VARIOmobil combines the uniqueness of your FIM seat with mobile PRESENCE ON-SITE.
First-class technology and innovative design characterize the equipment of your business mobile. We manufacture individual box bodies for you with a vehicle length of 4.5 to 12 meters.

A business mobile offers innovative space concepts e.g. for promotion and show trucks, presentation vehicles, mobile consulting offices and consulting rooms, trade fair booths, culture vehicles, interaction vehicles, road show and event vehicles, health mobiles, prevention vehicles, science mobiles, examination mobiles, laboratory vehicles, job trucks, information and consulting trucks, politics on tour, rolling banking centers, mobile branch offices, sports mobiles, video broadcast trucks, high-tech show trucks, examination vehicles, literature mobiles ... and much more!

Experience German engineering, 100% FREEDOM OF PLANNING in all details as well as surprising solutions in vehicle construction.
Ask us! Phone 05471 9511 - 33. Can't be done, (almost) doesn't exist. 


Model overview Vario Business Box Body

e.g. as road & bridge construction vehicle

VARIO Case 430

Your extra-large work platform should always be on board? Lowerable? As a fixed roof structure?

VARIOmobil also stands for quality and individuality in special vehicle construction. This includes intelligent, practical business solutions, the use of innovative technologies, reliability and service in our own master workshop.

With this road & bridge construction vehicle in the form of a box body , you have your working platform as a roof structure right on board. You also have a small material store, a kitchen with stove and refrigerator as well as a sanitary room at your disposal.

We move your company - e.g. as a mobile bank branch

VARIO Case 470-580

ATMs on the road

Customers appreciate a holistic offering from their local business partner. Whether it's advice, product service or simply the "little hello" from the customer advisors. In order to be able to fulfill these customer wishes in an economical manner, even in structurally weaker areas, VARIOmobil builds rolling branches that enable an efficient consulting network even in rural areas.

Consulting at eye level

Banks and savings banks ensure a nationwide presence with "mobile branches. In the van, which has been converted into a mobile bank branch, advice can be given, statements can be printed out at machines and money can be withdrawn. With a class B driver 's license or a class 3 driver's license, these branches can be moved by the consulting staff.

Mobile Cash Point

VARIO Business 600

VARIO box body - maximum flexibility 

Do you want to be close to your customers everywhere in your business area? Then our mobile branches offer the solution for a regular presence at your customers' premises. A mobile bank vehicle is equipped in the customer advisor area with

  • a discreetly glazed consultation zone
  • a high security checkout area 
  • GSM / LTE and SAT data connection
  • a self-service area
  • with bank transfer terminal and statement printer
Special vehicle for plant business

VARIO box body 470 - 650

VARIO box body - IVECO Daily

This compact VARIO special vehicle fleet was designed as a mobile branch in the capital investment business.

Exclusive mobile business premises provide an excellent setting for the discreet handling of all types of table transactions and investment products. At the same time, the highest level of individual advice and security is guaranteed on site.

Special vehicle with ATM and consulting place

VARIO Business 700

Mobile Banking Center

Can it be a little more than just an ATM?

A fleet of rolling cash pool centers with fully air-conditioned consulting and office workspace completes your banking service. A sanitary room is always on board as well.

Among other things, the online data connection via GSM / LTE / SAT offers maximum flexibility, even in places without sufficient network coverage. 

Mobile Full Size Bench

VARIO box body 950

Every VARIO business mobile is an exclusive and representative ambassador of your corporate identity. We build 100% according to the customer's wishes. Whether it is a bank mobile, a promotion vehicle, a broadcast van or an exclusive horse transporter..., the functionality and equipment of your business mobile is as unique as your business.

This VARIO box body meets maximum requirements in terms of comfort and equipment. And what's more, the exclusive interior fittings ensure a prestigious feel-good atmosphere for customers and employees. Every VARIO business mobile offers:

  • State-of-the-art vehicle technology in desired length | accurate to the millimeter
  • spacious and multifunctional room layout
  • 100% planning freedom, precision and innovation
  • Customer presence as an attention-grabbing high-tech marketing tool
  • The very highest security technology at any location of your choice

VARIO Case 1100

More than a promotion mobile

A dignified box body is suitable for the exclusive presentation of your business. Our premium models meet all requirements for first-class comfort, durable equipment details with the greatest possible self-sufficiency and range.

Your business meetings take place in a representative and professional ambience - at any place in the world that can be reached on four wheels. With individual application possibilities - also as a promotion vehicle for your sophisticated events.

Your dialogue with us

We are happy to put our knowledge and experience from four decades in exquisite vehicle construction at your disposal.

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