If you want to move forward, you have to move.
"Your greatest possible mobility is our vision. We would be happy to make you more mobile, freer, more independent..."

Bernhard Rothgänger, Frank Mix, Heiko Hülsmann and the team
VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

1981 until today

We make you mobile. For more than 4 decades.
Foundation of the company
VARIO Wohnmobilhandel GmbH. Entry in the Commercial Register Bersenbrück HRB 3262.
One of the first motorhome cabins on MB Unimog U416.

VARIO started in 1981 with the sale of add-on cabins for self-fitting. This was later followed by individual extensions ex works.

Recording notice

Affiliation with the vehicle and body builder guild of the Osnabrück district craftsmen's association.

VARIO Classic

Box body on Unimog


Bernhard Rothgänger is appointed as the new managing director with sole power of representation in April 1983.

Entry of the company VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH in the Commercial Register: Osnabrück Local Court Commercial Register Number
HRB 15383.

The first luxury cars are built on the Mercedes Benz 613/813 chassis. The interior is in real wood quality.

First VARIOmobil builds top-mounted cabins
Here a VARIO 430

Large tank capacities, a separate shower and the fixed water flush toilet become standard.

Winter suitability through the best frost resistance increases the use of the mobile. Thus, the high-quality body extends the season of your vacation enjoyment.

VARIOmobil moves into the new production hall in the industrial area of Bohmte in September 1984.

In addition, there are expanded possibilities and production areas for the trades GRPwall construction, interior finishing and electrical engineering.

These superstructures are enormously stable.

Are these empty cabins also suitable for extremely large roof loads? The VARIOmobil team is convinced of this. Together, they still test the cab manually at the time. The load capacity of the superstructure on the Suzuki Samurai gives an indication. In the future, the team will venture into self-supporting integrated motorhomes.


Any motorhome body even carries the chassis

The first motorhome is launched at the Bohmte factory.

 A VARIO 350 on VW LT

Semi trailer with off road tractor

The VARIO Dynamic.
An idea becomes a project and works out: to be able to use a generous living space at the location. And at the same time explore the Unmgebung on site with a smaller vehicle with plenty of traction.

Driving library VARIO Dynamic

Also as a business vehicle the semi-trailer is also used as a business vehicle. Based on this vehicle type, the first commercially used special vehicles were created: as mobile libraries. Infomobiles, exhibition & presentation vehicles, mobile banks, laboratories, offices, test vehicles, etc. followed.

The first VARIO Alkoven - on MB 814 - is built.

Alcove motorhomes are equipped with a sleeping niche above the driver's cab. This provides a family-friendly room layout with two separate sleeping areas.

One advantage, in addition to the good use of space, is its suitability for winter use. The not insulated cab is usually separated from the insulated living space.

Optionally with all-wheel drive

Since 1986 VARIOmobil manufactures alcove mobile homes, here on VW LT.

The first XXL land yacht

Bigger? Wider? Higher?
The first VARIO bus is built on a Mercedes Benz omnibus chassis. VARIOmobil builds what German traffic law allows.

Registered trademark: VARIOmobil

Registration of the trademark "VARIOmobil" at the German Patent Office in Munich. The production facility is enlarged.

An own paint shop for XXL vehicles is built.

The First VARIO Integral

Even then with window band.

VARIO Integral motorhomes brought enormous space advantages with rotating driver and passenger seats. For the first time, the driver's cab was included in the living area.

Today, this classic motorhome would be called semi-integrated.

VARIO Integral 930

Real wood interior in manufacture construction. Even diagonally grained? Of course. "Your wishes are our claim" is what they say at VARIOmobil.

Curtain up for the very first VARIO Perfect

The concept of the fully integrated VARIO Perfect motorhome is based on the MAN 10.180 HOCL bus chassis. The new liner class is presented as a 9 m motorhome.

The mobile has an exclusive all-wood interior. In all other areas, too, the name says it all: VARIO Perfect. Construction phase, completion and approval are milestones of what will be the most sought-after VARIOmobile. The fair premiere of the first VARIO Perfect is in the year following to the guidance fair.

Vario Perfect 900 - MAN 10.180 HOCL
VARIOmobil becomes training company

The first apprentice learns his trade as a vehicle painter. Since then, car body and vehicle builders, carpenters and office clerks have also been trained. These include various guild, chamber, state and, in 2015, a national winner.

VARIO Classic - the first three-axle truck

Off road alcove vehicle

The new VARIO Star

Launch of the first VARIO Star on MB 410 at the CARAVANING trade fair in Essen.

The small integrated brother of the VARIO Perfect has a roof elevation in the rear. This brings standing height and airy freshness in hot travel destinations. At the same time, the motorhome is handy and maneuverable: with minimum length and maximum comfort.

1990 - 2000

For you the motorhome scene becomes more mobile

The demand for co-drivers on board the motorhome is growing.

VARIOmobil builds the first car garage into a motorhome in the Alkoven 900 model. Numerous other models follow. E.g. the VARIO Perfect, which optionally also has an exclusive airbrush paint finish.

Your customer request

VARIOmobil introduces car garages for integrated land yachts.

Our creativity

Unique airbrush painting of the VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum on VOLVO B 12 M omnibus chassis

VARIO Star 700 on Iveco Daily
New construction and inauguration of the current production site

For you VARIOmobil expands the production possibilities at the new location: An Teckners Tannen 1, 49163 BOHMTE, Germany.
36,000 m² open space and 6,000 m² production area.

A modern paint shop for vehicles up to 20 m in length is built. A combined heat and power plant is put into operation for the company's own electricity generation.

VARIO Alcove 750
VARIO Perfect 900 - Neoplan N 208
VARIO Perfect 850 - MAN 11.230 HCOL
VARIO Star 700 on MB Sprinter
VARIO Perfect 800 - MAN 11.220 HOCL
Development, design and manufacture of a car loading ramp

Start of the successful cooperation with the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Diploma theses and various internships brought a lot of developer momentum to VARIOmobil.

To be highlighted: Huelsmann, Heiko (1998/1999), "Entwicklung, Konstruktion und Fertigung einer Pkw-Laderampe für Reisemobile" Diplomarbeit, Ingenieur des Maschinenbaus, Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Fakultät Maschinenbau, Fachrichtung Fahrzeugtechnik.

Extension of the operating halls.

VARIOmobil follows the demand for increasingly complex and high-quality furniture construction with the expansion of the joinery. The in-house furniture paint shop is ceremoniously put into operation.

VARIO Alcove 930
Perfect 850 S - MAN 11.220 HOCL

2000 - 2010

VARIO residential semitrailer
VARIO Star 750 on MB Sprinter | horseshoe design
VARIO Perfect 1200 on VOLVO bush chassis.
The first VARIOmobil with Slide Out and even with gold leaf design travels to the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf. The extendable living area bay is also called Slide Out technology. It serves the enlargement of the vehicle surface by up to three extendable - areas. The lounge and / or the kitchen, the bed and / or the reading sofa in the living area can be extended.
Car garage for SMART Crossblade.

Dream mobile. Read article >> Download as pdf

Gold Leaf Design.
Dream mobile with living room bay window | Slide-Out | Extension
Effect paint purple to green

Depending on the incidence of light, the interesting design paint of the motorhome presents itself in the color purple or green and in all shades in between.

Dream mobile. Read article >> Download as pdf

VARIO Perfect 1000 with car garage
VARIO Alcove 850 - Atego 823
Luxury liner - not only with Porsche in the garage

Mix' dinghies - that's how the Promobil editorial team describes the passion for fast dinghies in the "People" report [special issue Dream Cars]. This refers to fast sports cars on board. It goes without saying that VARIOmobil also combines these high-performance dinghies with exquisite motorhomes.

Read article >>Thecar man Frank Mix

Cooperation with TÜV

New technical possibilities and changes in legislation require extended safety-related vehicle and component tests. Extensive tests are successfully completed at TÜV Rheinland. Expert opinions for belt anchorage points and seat attachments etc. certify VARIOmobil the best safety solutions for motorhome owners.

Then, as now, regular inspections are carried out.

VARIO 1000 TI box body
Belt anchorages according to international standards

Belle, Sebastian (2005/2006), "Testing of seat and belt anchorages for special-purpose vehicles according to international standards" Diploma thesis, mechanical engineer, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

The only 10 m short VARIO Perfect 1000 has for the first time 3 x extendable bay windows. 2x in the living room and 1x in the bedroom.
Cooperation with renowned testing institutes for best safety standards

Your safety is our claim - in every VARIOmobile. Expert training is introduced at the VARIO plant in Bohmte.

World premiere ofthe VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum at the Millionaire Fair in Munich. 12 motorhome meters, 3 axles, 3 retractable bay windows, 420 hp, car garage for Mini convertible, 25 t gross vehicle weight, luxurious ambience in "bentART" design, wellness oasis and exclusive full equipment that leaves nothing to be desired.


The newly designed aerodynamic front gives the VARIO Star 800 a sleek face. Here, comfort meets particularly great agility in the 2-person motorhome as a 7.5 tonner.

2010 - today

Uncompromisingly comfortable.

Presentation of the first VARIO Alkoven 1050 on MAN TGS with Slide Out and car garage at the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf.

With 10.5 m of manageable overall vehicle length, this mobile allows 2 separate sleeping berths and a spacious living room bay window. The feeling of space in this alcove mobile is indescribable. And even a car garage for a 4-person escort vehicle is on board.

Expansion of the production halls by 1,200 m².
VARIO Alcove 1200 with 4 seats in the cab


The innovative cab with 4 seats under the folding alcove merges with the living landscape through extra-large passage. An "integrated" alcove. New: "vogueART" interior.


VARIO Alcove 1200 with retractable TV

The TV-Slide
Extendable and can be viewed from both sides... that is entertainment - custom made at VARIOmobil. Whether from the dinette / the bathroom or the lounge: here you can watch TV simultaneously. Of course with 1A sourround cinema sound.

Or also separately! Via screen 1 and 2 you can also play TV or PC streamings separately. Blutooth transmission to your favorite headphones is a matter of course.

Innovative VARIO belt system

merges with the living landscape through extra-large passage. An "integrated" alcove. New: "vogueART" interior.

Neven, Alexander (2012), "Regelwerkskonforme, konstruktive Integration eines Gurtsystems in einem Luxus-Reisemobilsitz", Diploma Thesis B.Sc. / Mechanical Engineer, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

Off-road capable! VARIO Star 750 4x4 on Sprinter 519 CDI.

All-wheel drive can be switched on at the push of a button. Optimum traction, 80 mm more ground clearance, air suspension (HA) and a shift-friendly automatic transmission ensure pure driving pleasure - even on unusual roads.

VARIO Business

Presentation of the commercial special vehicles based on the VARIO Perfect series at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover.

Quality management certified and award for caravan specialist company

The CARAVAN FACHBETRIB award is presented for the first time to sixteen specialized workshops throughout Germany. VARIOmobil is named the first CARAVAN specialist workshop in the Osnabrück region by the Zentralverband Karosserie- und Fahrzeugtechnik e.V. (Central Association of Bodywork and Vehicle Technology).

DEKRA confirms the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The VARIO Perfect 1100 SH is voted 3rd place by the readers of AutoBild Reisemobil: Liner category in the competition"Das GOLDENE REISEMOBIL 2015".

Award ceremony at CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf

The VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum reaches the 1st place in the category Liner in the competition "The Golden Motorhome".

Premiere of the new touring car dimension on MB Actros

Striking. The 'partially integrated integrated' VARIO Signature 1200 on Mercedes Benz Actros with 3 axles, 4 seats in the cab, 530 hp, car garage.

Unique like a handwriting.

Individual construction and the highest quality equipment details

Your VARIOmobil. In a class of its own. Especially in the area of quality.

In the new model year, all VARIOmobils are equipped with even more travel comfort and extensive driver assistance and safety systems.

Tradition and modernity. GRP painted. Design Foiled.

For you, our manufactory converts mold making from manual work to the latest technologies. Each one-off refines mass production technologies: 3D modeled, CNC milled and then traditionally finished with great attention to detail in craftsmanship.

Premiere of the 4th generation

Curtain up for the new VARIO Perfect 1000 'highLINE' with Slide Out and passenger car platform in a large Smart Garage on MB Actros 1835.
The new front and the real glass window strip, a low vehicle height of only 3.8 m, the exclusive high-tech equipment and the very large panoramic windshield with solar protection as well as a plus in travel comfort and extensive driver assistance and safety systems are to be emphasized.

The new Perfect 1200 Platinum
Precision and innovation come together in the VARIO Perfect 1200 PLATINUM motorhome.
High End Motorhome VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum with bay windows and car garage
Motorhome Salon VARIO Perfect 1200
The atmospherically illuminated "cubeART" kitchen unit presents itself in an elegant and sophisticated way.
Separate gourmet dining area in the motorhome
Cook on the road like in a gourmet restaurant
Rectangular design washbasin in mobile home
Rectangular design washbasin and XXL shower panel in mobile home
Exquisite motorhome bedroom of land yacht VARIO Perfect 1200
Driver's seat in the VARIO Perfect 1200 motorhome cockpit

World premiere of the new VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum at the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf. Aesthetics and high-tech combine to create mobile perfection.

MIRROR CAM. eMobility. Semi-autonomous driving.
MIRROR CAM instead of mirrors - camera-based mirrorless driving

The first vehicles with excellent high-end systems for semi-autonomous driving surpass 'prototype' status. Overtaking, parking, driving on narrow roads and curves - all this can now be done more safely and with less stress. The goal of VARIOmobil is to enable accident-free driving through technically advanced and anticipatory vehicles.

MIRROR CAM - digital eyes for more safety and better aerodynamics.

Instead of the conventional main and wide-angle mirrors, this system works with digital cameras and displays. The transmission takes place directly to the driver on two monitors. The unobstructed view diagonally ahead increases the field of vision as well as the safety of the motorhome crew.

World premiere | Car garage with charging station for your electric vehicles
Motorhome with CHARGING STATION for MINI SE + eBikes
Motorhome with CHARGING STATION for MINI SE + eBikes

The first eMobility garage for MINI SE or SMART EQ including e-charging station for cars and eBikes on lateral 'veloSLIDE' ensures sustainable mobility.
In the all-round carefree package for mobile charging, VARIO-
mobil offers the world's first car garage with 1.4-22 kW charging station.

>> Read more

The new VARIO Star
New front. More safety.

The new face of the VARIO Star enters its fourth generation. Curtain up! CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf Hall 5 Stand C05.