Photos | Motorhome paint

Photos | Motorhome paint

Motorhome world novelty VARIO Perfect 1200, MB Actros, 26 t chassis
Extendable living room bay Slide-Out | car garage

Premiere of the 12 m motorhome at the CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf 25.8.-3.9.2023




Metallic paint


The Spies Hecker PR team accompanied the VARIO motorhome painting of the new Platinum Landyacht at the beginning of March.
Motorhome finishing with Permafleet Hi-TEC basecoat system for large objects.

Highest color accuracy
and optimum coating results

VARIOmobil also achieves with special and effect colors.
The innovative coating system offers VARIO Manufakturbau the following coating advantages:

* Excellent and even effect alignment.
* Shortened production times.
* Perfect hiding power.
* High yield.
* Flexible and fine painting with the flow cup gun.
* Of course, the highest quality manual work.


Ready mixed | ready for use

The Permafleet Hi-TEC basecoat in Hamliton Silver used here is based on advanced waterborne paint technology from Axalta. For the excellent color accuracy of the quality paint, Christof Rambau , master craftsman in exquisite body painting at VARIOmobil, has the colors delivered precisely mixed.

The paint is applied together with journeyman Vadim Brum and apprentice pain ter Jannis Hericks. Compared to the traditional [conventional] painting technique, the basecoat area of the 12-meter-long and almost 4-meter-high side wall of the VARIO Perfect 1200 can be sprayed more homogeneously with the flow cup gun. Of course, without cloud formation in the metallic finish. Vehicle painter [m|w|d] wanted in Bohmte!

The camper body painted here (originally the name for a splendid carriage see Baroque#Traffic and Carriage Making Art), is clearcoated as a representative luxury vehicle highend after the air-off phase of the metallic basecoat.

So the first stage of this dream motorhome is done. The high-quality metallic paint finishes the motorhome novelty with multiple slide outs: world premiere at the end of August 2023. Be curious about the finished luxurious travel vehicle.

Curtain up for the finished land yacht:
VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum at the CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf from 25.08. to 03.09.2023.


Photos painting process: Axalta | Pascal Fassbender.
Photos VARIOmobil | Jutta Röwer.

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