Whistleblower Reporting office

Whistleblower Reporting office

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Whistleblowing Whistleblower protection

 [HinSchG] ISO-certified whistleblower protection


Our user-friendly digital whistleblowing channel preserves your anonymity - if you wish. The whistleblower system [link to VARIOmobil Hintbox] nevertheless ensures secure and anonymous communication between you as a whistleblower and trained compliance officers .

Improve processes | Create trust 


The goal | Use optimization potential for

  • Quality management
  • Process optimization
  • Improving safety in vehicle construction
  • Employee and customer satisfaction .
Sometimes the power of habit is strong. 
We therefore want toensure quality in vehicle construction and improvement opportunities in all processes . Whistleblowers make a very important contribution .
Because: all operational processes can be optimized.
Our integrated triage system immediately evaluates incoming reports and automatically prioritizes them in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive and the Whistleblower Protection Act. Our reporting form is easy to use and coordinates by first assessing the urgency of treatment. In addition, our reporting system is one of the most secure whistleblower systems on the market.

Improved protection 

persons providing information

Link to the [HinSchG]

And how is the handling of false reports regulated? 
Do whistleblowers have to fear reprisals?

No fear of false reports

The most important thing is that anyone who makes a false whistleblower report will not initially be fined.
Also, according to the Whistleblower Protection Act, no increased requirements for verification by the whistleblower may be demanded.
This means that the whistleblower is guaranteed protection even if the report is false. At the time of reporting, the whistleblower assumed that the information was correct.
Deliberate false reports are punishable by law.
And a false report also has far-reaching consequences for the person concerned.
The case is different if a whistleblower deliberately submits a false report. 
There is no longer any protection if, for example, incorrect information is forwarded intentionally or through gross negligence.
As a result, the person providing the information may even be obliged to compensate for the damage.
This is regulated by paragraph 38 of the HinSchG.



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